Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Green Wedding--NOT!

I was flipping channels and ran across Martha Stewart, the focus of the program was Martha's executive assistant--needless to write her being a very attractive woman kept my attention so I watched on. (How very typical of me *winks*!) The bride to be has bought into the, be green and save our planet ecofascism nonsense and she repeatedly spoke about having a green wedding and not leaving a carbon footprint. During one segment she was selecting foods for the reception--every food I saw her and her husband-to-be tasting and approving was what mainstream medical science (And also written in the Torah's dietary laws long before!) has proven to be extremely unhealthy--the kind of foods which are known to cause widespread diseases, e.g. heart and coronary artery disease, cancer, high blood pressure, premature ageing and of course unhappiness and early death. How interesting it is the bride wants to save the planet--and at the same time is polluting her body with extremely unhealthy foods--and is definitely leaving a big carbon and free radical footprint there within herself--how pathetic!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

No More Blank Checks For Israel

This is the latest from the Brookings Institute (an organization which has caused a great deal of trouble and hurt for The United States of America and for the world!) Martin Indyk one of their directors said "The era of the blank cheque is over," this is exactly the type of statement which is typical of those who either hate Israel and or they hate Jews and Israel! From the beginning of the modern state of Israel, May 13, 1948--The United States has with one hand held blessings for Israel and with the other it has either held a knife which it has repeatedly used to stab Israel in the back and an open palm which it has used to repeatedly slap Israel across the face--in short The United States government has never--never given Israel a blank check and what it has given has always come at a high price!

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Permissive Society...

Many people wonder why things have gotten so bad in America, but its the extreme permissiveness for immorality throughout most of American society that is the reason why! One can clearly see with a study of American history and a study of world history that each society which embraced immorality--suffered greatly with lowered standards and increased crime--and the end result was their destruction.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mayor Bloomberg-11-27-08

Mayor Bloomberg said today on national TV that "crime in NYC is way down", he also said "he didn't even know if there was a murder this year"; and this with the present gun laws--how disingenuous of Mayor Bloomberg when he labels the gun, the inanimate object the problem--when in fact the problem lies within certain evil individuals who misuse guns! Evil people should always be held completely accountable for their crimes with guns and not innocent law abiding citizens. Mayor Bloomberg like all of the so called elite fascists only want to disenfranchise law abiding Americans from their Second Amendment gun rights solely for the purpose of control, repression and oppression--they have made these facts very clear in their writing's and in what they have spoken!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Larry King And The Pregnant "Man"...

I'm flipping channels and come accross Larry King, interviewing a pregnant "man" and his morbidly obese woman partner (herself a lesbian)--but this pregnant man is not a man at all--but in fact a homosexual female who has altered her appearance to "look" like a man; this is just another example of the media promoting homosexuality and not calling this homosexual woman what she truly is. The immoral media and the homosexual agenda et al believe that no one can disagree with any immorality--and that everyone must go along with those who are immoral and if they don't agree say nothing. And when people do stand up and tell the truth--the homosexual agenda and their immoral media complicitors et al place labels of intolerance, hatered and bigotry upon them--no matter how untrue these labels often are. But at the same time, many of these same homosexuals and those in the media et al are in fact intolerant, hating and bigoted toward Christians and anyone else who does not like them--they simply hate the ONE true God, his morality and those who love him! Morality originated with the one true God, the God of the Bible--so it is no surprise the international homosexual agenda will rail against this God and those who are called by his name. Homosexuals in America who are citizens have the right as Americans to their own self determination--but they do not have the right to force their lifestyle choices upon anyone else and they do not have the right to silence opposition. (many of these same people are extremely vocal against Christians--and many in the media are complicit with this evil.) When it comes to immoral behavior in The United States of America, no one has the right to flaunt it in public--but they do have the limited right as Americans to do as they choose in private, as long as there are no minors involved and no one else who is not a willing participant. "No one has the right to be immoral or wrong--not ever! And finally, "No one has the right to force others to coddle those who are homosexual, if these homosexuals weren't so insecure within themselves they would not be seeking the approval of society and trying to silence all opposition to their dysfunctional and immoral lifestyle." "I as a Christian do not expect nor do I seek the approval of those in society--I am secure within my God and within myself."

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sarah Palin--Part Two

Its interesting how the American media even now the election is over still (like an old dog with a bone) just won't let it go about Sarah Palin and move on to new things--how pathetic. The main reason these media types do not like her is because she actually stands for high moral integrity and of course she took a position against their immoral and UnAmerican candidate! So in their corrupt manner of thinking they had to stop being journalists and start distorting the facts and even outright lieing about Sarah Palin. In addition large parts of the American media stand for and promote the most depraved types of immorality imaginable as if its all good and normal; while at the same time looking at those with high moral integrity as if they were from another planet. These evil media types are the major purveyors of intolerance and hatred against Americans of a high moral character and they undermine all that the founding fathers stood for--how pathetic!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Historic Marxism

The media likes to make much out of little, e.g. Barack Obama is SO historic because he is half Negro and half white--but what they fail to speak of is that every human action is historic. Barack Obama being half Negro and half white is historic--big deal its not about race but about ideology. And Barack Obama's Marxist ideology has been historically proven to be a resounding failure in every nation which has been foolish enough to embrace it--and this is no different in The United States of America!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Barack Obama, The Media And Being Negative

Its rather pathetic and disingenuous of the American media--and also of Barack Obama and his campaign when they accuse John McCain and Sarah Palin of being negative--but its not being negative when one is telling the truth--and when one is just saying what Barack Obama stands for! Barack Obama and his campaign don't like the truth because they know most of the American people do not accept what Barack Obama stands for! What is negative in fact is when Barack Obama admittedly does not not respect the U.S. Constitution, when Barack Obama does not respect the Second Amendment, when Barack Obama does not respect human life--and in fact has voted to murder children--even those who are born alive after failed abortions, when Barack Obama wants to tax hard working Americans more for being successful and then give it to those who are lazy and immoral, when Barack Obama wants to wreak everything America stands for and replace it with full blown Marxism, when Barack Obama said in his book, if push comes to shove he would side with the Muslims, when Barack Obama won't even prove his eligibility to be president, when Barack Obama sends goon squads to harass those who disagree with him, When Barack Obama sends teams of Lawyers to dig up dirt on his opponents, e.g. Sarah Palin et alii, when Barack Obama surrounds himself with known and admitted terrorists, when Barack Obama surrounds himself with anti American Marxists, when Barack Obama is blatantly anti Israel, who surrounds himself with anti Israel advisors, when Barack Obama uses Franklin Rains, the failed former chairman of Fannie Mae as an advisor, when Barack Obama openly lies as he often does, when Barack Obama's message changes from group to group telling each what they want to hear just for votes--instead of having the same message for all Americans, when Barack Obama favors the promotion by law of the homosexual lifestyle and agenda, even to small children in school, when Barack Obama wants to eliminate the free choice of parents for the education of their children, when Barack Obama wants to force socialized medicine upon all Americans. Its clear that it is Barack Obama who is the negative one!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Barney Frank, The Media And Massachusetts

Its interesting how when a politician in the United States especially a Republican has sexual affairs with others, the media cries immoral and conflict of interest--and beats that drum loudly so everyone who listens to their dribble knows what they think. But the immoral media even did it to one of their own, namely Bill Clinton--and what a disgrace and hurt to the country that was, even more than Bill Clinton's and Monica Lewinsky's personal and what should have been private disgrace! (There were plenty of opportunities to out the immoral sexual affairs of Republicans--but they did not.) Its interesting how the immoral Jewish media beat the drum of immorality when it was discovered that Bill Clinton received a blow job from the Jewish whore Monica Lewinsky--while at the same time they bend over backwards to promote a self destructive and immoral homosexual lifestyle. (Interesting how Bill Clinton seems to have a proclivity for Jewish whores going back to at least the Arkansas days. "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky", as if his penis in her mouth was not a sexual relation--how pathetic.)How pathetic the majority of American Jewry are--how far they have fallen from the good days when the majority of Jewish people lived according to the high morals of the Torah--history has proven that whenever a Jew abandons their precious Torah--it is always to their self destruction and also often to the destruction of others around them! (I think God there is still a remnant of righteous Jews in America and elsewhere, those who love the Torah!) Now on to Barney Frank--who is the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee and who is directly along with others responsible for the current financial crisis; Barney Frank has a major conflict of interest, he being a homosexual had a homosexual affair with a member of Fannie Mae. So why isn't the mostly Jewish American media beating the drum of immorality and conflict of interest? for two main reasons, the first is Barney Frank is a Democrat and they don't want anything to hurt Barack Obama's chances of becoming president and their second reason being, the Jewish media of whom many are homosexual have an agenda of promoting the homosexual lifestyle as being normal and alright to the American people--so the immoral Jewish media will not touch the issues with Barney Frank and the homosexual who works for Fannie Mae, once again the American media is Un-American and irresponsible. The media has a responsibility to report the truth and not a responsibility to promote special interests, they have a responsibility to NOT promote the international homosexual agenda. There is also something to be said for the people of Massachusetts they are largely immoral and have repeatedly voted into office the homosexual Barney Frank, Barney Frank has been a Massachusetts state representative since January 5, 1981, that's over 27 years, which says a lot for the people who consistently vote him in; where he has promoted not only the homosexual agenda but also many Un-American political positions which have been a great hurt to the people of Massachusetts, with a reduction of the Constitutional rights of Massachusetts/Americans and an increase in crime not only from American citizens but also from the large illegal Mexican immigrant population--crime which would not happen if these people were not allowed to be in Massachusetts. But they don't just allow these illegal Mexicans to be in Massachusetts--they encourage them to come and commit more crime with their illegal and unconstitutional sanctuary cities. (Why aren't there sanctuary cities for American citizens? there is no provision in the U.S. Constitution or elsewhere in American law for sanctuary cities.) Crime which would not happen if the people and the government of Massachusetts would not treat criminals even the worst sexual violent offenders as if they deserve another chance and not just one chance but many chances, when in reality they deserve no chances! Most of the people of Massachusetts are immoral and they have only themselves to blame for how bad things are within their state--sadly most of the people within Massachusetts don't even realize just how bad things are--and that it is they who are responsible!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Vice Presidential "Debate" And Negro Favoritism

First, this so called vice presidential debate--was not a debate. I have to wonder why Gwen Ifill was chosen as moderator... Was it the perennial favorite (she was chosen because she is a Negro) among certain politicians and media? In any case--she was a very poor choice--she stammered and in general came off as incompetent! I also wonder if the foolish and Un-American desire to promote Negros well beyond their aproximate 14% of the population and in most cases filling the positions with inferior Negros is a deliberate attempt to promote the notion of Negro inferiority to white people (and in some cases they are inferior, as are white people--because not everyone is equal)--in some cases this is definitely the reason such Negros are chosen--but in many others it is simple incompetence on the part of those who are foolish enough to promote this Un-American evil that does not to choose competent and talented Negros to fill positions. One type of promotion I would be in favor of (albeit not to the exclusion of white people--because that is Un-American and unjust) is choosing Negros who are truly representative of the best that race has to offer, i.e. Negro people who speak proper English, who are Christian, or Jewish and of the highest moral character. Unfortunately Negros, Jews or white people of high moral character are rarely seen in America anymore!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Joe Biden Wants More Taxes...

Joe Biden recently said on national television, "its time to be patriotic" and pay more taxes. Isn't that wonderful pay more taxes to a corrupt government who wastes most of what it steals from the American people and businesses; oh yes and the Democrats have proven themselves to be every bit as corrupt as the Republicans, albeit in somewhat different ways--but not always! Joe Biden blamed the credit crisis on the G.W. Bush tax cuts, but tax cuts never hurt Americans--they help improve America and promote productivity. There is nothing patriotic about paying taxes to a corrupt and incompetent government--and in The United States taxation is not even constitutional! In reality the cause of the so called credit crisis is greed, corruption, incompetence and most of all deliberate malfeasance on the part of the lenders and also on the part of the corrupt and very fascist G.W. Bush organization! Its also interesting to note that two CEO's from Frannie Mae (Jim Johnson) and Freddie Mac (Franklin Rains) who received huge multi billion dollar bailout packages from the U.S. government are also are acting as advisers to Barack Obama. Joe Biden a noted plagiarist has a long history of lies, corruption and incompetence in and outside of government--it wasn't long ago that he was saying, Barack Obama isn't the right man for the office of the president. But then again Joe Biden and Barack Obama are two political whores who will lay down and spread their legs for the highest bidder! The current mortgage crisis could have been avoided a year before it hit by just lowering the rates--but they wanted to crisis so they did not. This so called mortgage crisis is part of an ongoing scheme to totally wreak the U.S. economy (and others things too), for the purpose of bringing into use the new money called the Amero for the North American Union (NAU) which G.W. Bush illegally signed into being in March of 2005, taking away much of U.S. sovereignty for an evil fascist/enviro-globalist agenda.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Barack Obama And The French

A French poll was taken recently--and supposedly 80% of the French want him for president. Well Barack Obama should go to France and be the French president--its for sure, less than 50% of the American people want him as president--and not enough to get him elected by The UnAmerican Electoral College! Many (but not all) of the French are a pathetic, immoral and ignorant people, their governments have destroyed their country with socialism/communism and Arab immigration!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mike Huckabee's RNC Speech

Mike Huckabee said, "I have great respect for Senator Obama's historic achievement to become his party's nominee, not because of his color but with indifference to it." Mike Huckabee would have made a good president--his attitudes were and are right on most issues. But he is only partially correct about Barack Obama's rise to political prominence. The facts are these, some do like him in spite of his genetic background--but many like him just because he is part negro. The media plays a big part in this racism--many in the media want him precisely because he is a Negro; they believe that white Americans have an obligation to kiss the asses of Negros--and to that end many in the media have planted their lips firmly upon Barack and Michelle Obama's asses, notwithstanding the fact they also like his immoral political beliefs.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin Part One

Wow--something I am usually not where people are concerned--I am impressed with Sarah Palins speech last night--she proved herself to be an orator par excellent! As for the media foolishness about her pregnant and unwed (adult) seventeen year old daughter--that is a private family matter and the media should mind their own business especially since it has nothing to do with the political issues at hand. That written most of the media here in the United States are in no position to throw stones--especially since they openly advocate and promote a wide variety of immoral behavior.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Barack Obama The Stammering Senator

Its interesting how when Barack Obama is scripted and reading from a teleprompter he seems to be a good speaker; but when he isn't scripted and reading from a teleprompter he often stammers through what he has to say--especially when he is called on his record and upon his position on moral issues!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Speech

Hillary Clinton's speech last was more of her usual condescending dribble--and she never even once said that she believes Barack Obama is right for the office of the president; in fact Hillary Clinton has on numerous occasions stated that Barack Obama lacks the experience necessary to lead as president. Once again Hillary Clinton proves herself a political whore, she doesn't like Barack Obama or want him as president, but yet she is giving him some grudging support. What she should do is maintain her campaign position about Barack Obama and offer him no support, but instead she took the diminutive position.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Barack Obama's Supposed Patriotism Part One

Barack Obama claims to be a patriot and whines when someone says he's not, Barack Obama is without a doubt a pathetic human being--Barack Obama is not an American patriot. A person cannot be an American patriot and believe that its alright to murder babies which have survived late term abortions. When Barack Obama was recently asked at what point does a baby have human rights he would not answer the question, so he said this "answering that question with specificity … is above my pay grade.” What a pathetic way to not answer the question, what pay grade? the knowledge of when a human being becomes a human being is not some esoteric thing that few can know, its knowledge which is open to all. Its so pathetic to devalue human life--but then again Barack Obama is a pathetic human being--and he is certainly not a Christian. Barack Obama spoke in the Illinois Senate in opposition to The Born Alive Infants Protection Act--and he was the only one to do so, in fact he has repeatedly worked to defeat it. What a depraved pathetic human being Barack Obama is--to want to destroy innocent human life! What's next on his evil slippery slope of immorality? how about all the unwanted elderly people in America, unwanted like many children, let's just murder them too, they're not wanted, they're not producing, we don't need them. And make no mistake, there are those in America who want to do just that and are advocating it! When society goes down the slippery slope of immorality--any type of immoral behavior becomes acceptable. And this is why America is in such a bad place now--because of people like Barack Obama, who do not even understand the simplicity of when human life begins--who do not even understand the simplicity of morality!

Monday, August 18, 2008

American Interference In Foreign Nations

Its interesting how American politicians find it necessary to interfere with the internal affairs of other nations, the latest American interference involves Russia's invasion of Georgia. And why would G.W. Bush and John McCain be so interested in the nation of Georgia? Once again its American fascism--American business has oil interests in Georgia so they have their political whores in Washington interfere, as they have so many times in the past! Georgia is Russia's sphere of influence. America would not stand for Russian interference in the Americas and has reacted violently and with the immanent threat of violence to past Russian interference. Looking at Americas history and its interference in the internal affairs of foreign nations, it is easy to see a pattern going back to the mid 1800's, July 8, 1853 to be exact, when American business wanted to open the Japanese market, but the Japanese were isolationist which was their right as a sovereign nation--but to the country founded upon freedom of choice and democratic ideals that didn't matter, because the American politician had become a whore of big business. And because of that interference Japan rose as a major military power and invaded other nations and murdered tens of millions of civilians and cost the lives of many Americans to put them down. Americas unnecessary interference in Vietnam cost the lives of over 50,000 Americans; and why? because big business wanted to open up the Vietnamese market, of course the reason given was "to stop communism" and that was and is a good thing, but communism in Vietnam would not have affected America--America was only affected because of its incompetent, corrupt and fascist politicians who involved America in a unnecessary war there. That written few people know that right after the second world war, America began sending huge amounts of military equipment to Vietnam and Korea--why because the fascists already knew what their next objectives were and there was unnecessary war and unnecessary loss of American lives in both countries. As for the Vietnam situation, if American politicians would have supported Ho Chi Minh who thought highly of the American Constitution he would not have been open to Soviet and Chinese overtures. Interesting how even Hollywood was supporting the Vietnam war with movies like "The Green Berets", the propaganda in that movie went like this, America is here trying to help these poor people fight communism--when that wasn't it at all; those so called poor people were immoral and corrupt and would not stand up for themselves and their country, so when America left the SV forces collasped very quickly because 99.5% of the war effort was American. And now there is Iraq--(interesting how the Iraqis won't stand up for their country either) an unnecessary war which has cost the lives of over 4,000 Americans and after five years there is still no end in sight! America fought two countries during the second world war, Japan and Germany each with highly trained armies and put them both down in under four years. And now can't deal with poorly trained and equipped Iraqis and Iranians--very similar to what took place in Vietnam--and look where that ended. In neither case did America have a plan to actually win--but just to keep the war going indefinitely so big business could continue to profit. Like now in Iraq, there is Starbucks, Burger King and many others profiting. This is not the way to run a military or to prosecute a war. People don't need Starbucks and Burger King here in America or at war--what they and the American troops need is basic good food! I heard one fascist say "we are here to help the troops". And how is giving food that has been proven to be unhealthy being good to the troops? How is supporting an illegitimate war helping the troops? The troops are not there to feel like they're at home--but to fight and come home quickly! The truth is they are there to profit from the war--its all about how much money they can make--they should at least be honest! Fascist America once again is profiteering from the blood of American troops and from the blood of other nations--in this case Iraq! Also at least during much of the twenteth century American politicians have been foolish in trying to push Americanism off onto other nations; and it has not worked--Americanism works for Americans--other nations with their different cultures will never be like America or Americans and there is no good reason they should be! For the most part an isolationist policy is the best way for America with involvements in foreign affairs only happening when it cannot be avoided--and never, never to open markets for American business! And finally--the correct way to prosecute a war is to do as America did during the second world war, no undue restraint, no so called political correctness, no sending troops into battle without proper equipment and training. Many, many American soldiers have been unnecessarily maimed and many others killed because the evil G.W. Bush organization rushed to war and did not train and properly equip them. The war in Iraq could have and should have been completed within one year--but America's politicians are extremely ignorant, incompetent, corrupt, immoral and hell bent on total fascism. And why is this--because the American people are extremely ignorant, incompetent, corrupt and extremely immoral; let's not forget the American politician comes directly from the American people--so how can the American people expect their politicians to be any different than themselves? These are just some of Americas inappropriate involvements in other nations foreign affairs--there are many, many more examples. "History never repeats itself--but it does rhyme sometimes".

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hillary Clinton The Strong Woman--Not!

First I will digress a bit before I get to the point. The media did in fact screw over Hillary Clinton at many points and no doubt this is at least in part because she is a woman. And even more unfortunately many in the media believe they need to suck up to Negros and kiss their asses--so in fact they were not only being sexist--they were also being racist. The American media collectively decided that they would suck up to Barack Obama and his wife and they have firmly planted their lips on Barack Obama and Michelle Obama's asses. I hear a lot about Hillary Clinton being a strong woman, I have been watching her and listening to her over many years now and I have never seen anything which leads me to believe that Hillary Clinton is a strong woman, just the opposite--she is a weak woman. Oh she comes off as tough, with tough talk--but that's just empty words and an imminence front; when faced with a truly strong person--Hilary Clinton is diminutive. Of course she like her husband will bully those who will allow her to do so--but that does not make her strong. Hillary Clinton has repeatedly proven that she is very much the typical woman who has low self esteem. She has never come out from the shadow of her husband, in fact she still rides his coat tails and his popularity. Claiming vast political experience when in fact the vast political experience is that of her husband. Its basically women like Hillary Clinton who allow their husbands to repeatedly cheat on them with other women who have low self esteem and a lack of personal responsibility; for years Hillary Clinton has put up with this evil from her husband--with no end in sight. And now recently in "Unity" NH she stands up with Barack Obama like the dutiful and diminutive girlfriend supporting her man--what a pathetic political whore Hillary Clinton is. If she truly believed that she is the right woman for the Office of the president and Barack Obama is not--then she would never stand up with Barack Obama in support of him. But Hillary Clinton the political whore she is--is proving herself yet again to be the typical American politician--business as usual, if I can't win then I'll support anyone else in my party who can win. Hilary Clinton like Barack Obama is the typical American sell out to the lobbyists politician. As I have previously written--it should never be about the party--but always about the right person(s)! In fact party politics in America are almost completely corrupt with both parties voting the same on most of the major issues; with both parties bending over backwards to destroy this nation.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Barack Obama And High Gasoline Prices!

Isn't it wonderful that Barack Obama didn't and doesn't mind the high price of gasoline in America, but only that the price rose too fast? The Barack Obama campaign has taken over $400,000 dollars from big oil, is it any wonder he is pandering to them? Barack Obama is the typical corrupt American sellout to the lobbyists politician. And he the consummate fascist/globalist claims to want to help the economy and make things better for Americans; but that's not realistic with high gasoline prices, high fuel prices drag down the economy across the board and affect everyone negatively! Once again Barack Obama proves himself to be out of touch with the American people and what it means to be a "free" American. Another good reason to vote NObama!

Friday, August 1, 2008

How To Vote Properly

On this I am certain--most Americans don't know how to vote properly. They make the foolish mistake of depending upon the mainstream media and not doing the necessary research themselves. For the most part they refuse to vote for competent and highly moral individuals who have integrity! In addition most Americans are superficial--little unimportant things about a candidate will either influence them to vote for or against. e.g. He/she seems like a nice person, they look nice, they are a man, they are a woman, they are Negro, they are Mexican, they are Asian et cetera--all these things are completely irrelevant. And then there are the fools who will only vote along party specific lines, as if only candidates from that party have the answers and no one else from any other party could ever do a good job; even though party politics have caused so many problems--both the Democratic and Republican party members have proven for the most part to be incompetent and corrupt and in general hell bent on destroying The United States of America. Party politics in America has degenerated into a gang of whores selling their services to the highest bidders, usually without any regard for the American people. The focus needs to move away from party politics and the responsibility for this begins with the voter--the focus should always be upon the individual and what they stand for! And if this foolishness weren't enough--many Americans won't vote for someone who they want if they don't think that person can win; so they foolishly choose someone they don't want because they think they can or will win--its this foolishness and the others outlined herein that are the major problems among voting Americans. People need to always take the time to find out what the candidate truly stands for and to look at their voting record if they have held political office and to take a very close look at what kind of people they truly are. And not to depend upon the mainstream media to educate them about candidates--because they never do through exposes about candidates--they just gloss over some of the high points. People who vote should always vote for who they truly want and believe would do the right things for America; and if there is no one running for office who the voter believes in--they shouldn't be foolish and irresponsible and vote for someone anyway! Sometimes the best way to vote is not to vote--wise and responsible Americans will understand this and act accordingly! Being a good and proper American voter requires responsibility and personal integrity--these are things that are sorely lacking in American society today.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Global Warming Part One

Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth"--should be entitled "An Inconvenient Lie", because the so called science behind it is what is often known as junk, or pseudo science. The scenes of melting ice bergs in his movie were taken from the movie, "The Day After Tomorrow"--those scenes were computer generated. And let's not forget that they got it right in "The Day After Tomorrow", a warming period preceded an ice age! These fools who claim that man and increases in CO2 are the cause for global warming don't have a good answer for the fact that all the planets in our solar system have been heating up as well, yes and there is no man made industrialization and CO2 increases there--but it is in all truth the sun which is heating up those planets. And the sun also plays an important role to the recent heating trend on planet Earth; but that cycle has past and the Earth is getting cooler now. In all truth there have been many cycles of global warming and cooling on planet Earth prior to the year 1900 and those weren't caused by man made CO2 and industrialization. Man and CO2 are not the cause of global warming, or of climate change on planet Earth--climate change is a long established natural Earth cycle! In fact so called global warming would be accurately described as ocean warming--which actually leads to cooling trends in the Earth's climate--and that is exactly what is happening. So much in fact that the global warming fools have changed it to climate change so they can have it both ways. The Earth is past the warming of the 1990's and again is in a cooling cycle, a recent report from Germany states that the Earth is cooling and will do so for about 20 years. They are obviously right about the cooling--but they have no scientific basis to claim 20 years of cooling and then more warming--its just that they are a part of this cabal of GW fascists and this is their attempt at explaining away the fact of global cooling. This same fascist cabal put forth their doom and gloom of a coming ice age back in the seventies. How many people actually know this fact, very few because most people are led like sheep--they think what they are told to think on CNN and FOX et alia--how pathetic. From a scientific perspective these fascists should have stuck with the coming ice age because that is factual! Ice age doesn't mean everything is covered in ice--the last ice age the USA went through was known as the little ice age, it began around the year 1300 the coldest part being between the years 1650-1850. there certainly was an increase in ice but the USA wasn't covered over in ice as parts of it was during the great ice ages. So much Media attention is spent on indoctrinating the people with this mantra of GW; in addition the schools are also indoctrinating the students especially the younger ones into this religion of planet worship and GW--because they know if they can deceive the young ones into believing this evil nonsense it will be easier for them to continue with their fascist plans of global repression. If they can convince people into believing they are saving the planet from man made climate change--then it makes if very easy for the fascists to convince the people that they must give up their property rights and most of the liberties they as Americans have known--because its all to save the planet and the animals--when in reality its all about global repression,domination and population reduction. These fascists don't have these issues with most of the worlds people because most people have never known liberty, even Europeans have not known the level of personal liberty, property rights etcetera as Americans. Therefore most of the efforts of the fascists are directed against The United State's of America. How interesting it is when such things as these fascist conspiracies are spoken or written about, many people will look at the person in this case me as if they had a D**k growing out of there head! But everything I write about here I can substantiate with the words, the writings and the laws of the principles--and the laws they have drafted and gotten signed into law--the Anti American laws of repression. I'll digress here briefly and remind the readers that many things throughout human history those, who knew the truth were ridiculed, harassed and some times even murdered for the truth they spoke and wrote about. e.g. The Earth is flat--those who spoke the truth were harassed and some murdered! The Earth is the center of the universe, those who objected were harassed and some murdered! The Salem witch trials those who objected and tried to defend the accused were harassed and often accused of witchcraft themselves--and many murdered. The point of these examples is that even though many and in some cases the majority of people believe that something is true doesn't make it so. And many people are still believing erroneous things today even in The United States of America--things that are clearly wrong, things that are just as ridiculous as the flat Earth theory.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

On Taxation...

Taxes while unconstitutional--are necessary for The United States of America; but the manner in which taxation is handled here in America is Un-American! But proper taxation is key, the current system of taxation in America is a corrupt pathetic mess and can never be corrected within itself. Its interesting how, no matter how much money politicians steal from the American people--they still want more, such greed, such incompetence--and very often deliberate malfeasance at all levels of government. In short the idea of a consumption tax would be a very bad thing for America--and could easily ruin the economy even more than it is already ruined; in the future I expect to see a consumption tax implemented at least in some form here in America. The best way to manage this undesirable issue of taxation here in America is to use an across the board flat income tax rate regardless of income. The rate of taxation and total tax burden being 10% federal and 5% state with the same plan used for business, with an additional 5% of state tax being distributed among the municipalities. This would mean getting rid of the Un-American and fascist Federal Reserve--a private corporation that has always operated at the expense of the American people! With no taxation on personal (home) real estate including surrounding lands, no taxation on food and drugs, no taxation for fuel for personal and business use. This would mean cutting out all fat within government and concentrating on the basics--that being a limited government as envisioned by the founders of The United States of America. A government not of entitlements and irresponsibility--but of appropriate basic necessity. And yes with fiduciary responsibility--the rate of taxation proposed herein--would be more than enough! In fact getting back to basics with low taxes and limited government would yield a richer United Satates of America--and a much happier American people.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Moral Authority And Political Office

Political office has no inherent moral authority attached to it. Its mostly misguided and ignorant Christians and religious fools who think otherwise. Its the human being who has inherent moral authority--because man was created in the image of God. God being the moral authority--put some of that into his man creation. Even though most humans (95% +) are in these two categories, immoral and amoral. And 10% (approximately) of Christians being highly moral individuals; the rest are a mixture of somewhat moral and highly immoral individuals.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Barack Obama Lies--Yet Again Pt. 1

I've heard that Barack Obama has a new movement--this of course is rhetoric and propaganda packaged in pretty words. When I think of this so called new movement of his--I think of a bowel movement--and we all know what that means! In spite of all the media hype, in spite of the fact that large numbers of the media have their lips firmly planted upon Barack and Michelle Obama's asses, Barack Obama is very much the typical American politician. He as such can be expected to lie--and lie Barack Obama has, on numerous occasions he has proven himself to be a liar. Here are two recent examples, Speaking at AIPAC on June 4, 2008, Barack Obama said, "Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided", I was skeptical when I heard this and in my skepticism--I was right! The next day, June 5, 2008, an advisor of Barack Obama said, "Jerusalem is a final status issue, which means it has to be negotiated between the two parties" as part of "an agreement that they both can live with." What status has to be negotiated? Israel was established a Jewish state thousands of years ago and Jerusalem was and is the capitol of Israel. And there were no Arabs around in Israel then--so how could it be their homeland? The final status of Israel and of Jerusalem is--they are uniquely Jewish--and shall always be so! And let's not forget--Barack Obama has numerous anti Israel and anti Jewish adviser's on his campaign staff! Mhm... And now the next lie of Barack Obama, He promised to abide by the federal spending limit--and now has reversed himself. How can Barack Obama stop the smears when he himself is smearing himself?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Dick" Cheney And Gun Control

On February 13, 2006 at aproximately 17:30 hours Richard "Dick" Cheney while Quail hunting shot his 78 year old hunting companion in the face and chest/heart, supposedly at a distance of thirty yards. There are unsubstantiated claims that Richard "Dick" Cheney was drunk--but I cannot confirm these claims. The media labeled this as an accident. But truthfully there are no accidents in life--there are unintended results of actions certain people do--but no true accidents. When a man in this case Richard "Dick" Cheney aims and fires a loaded gun these are deliberate actions by an irresponsible man. Its true the results of Richard "Dick" Cheney's irresponsible handling of a firearm were unintended--but they were deliberate actions and no accident. Labeling it an accident when it clearly was not--lessens the responsibliity of Richard "Dick" Cheney-which is very typical of peole in this society to lessen the responsibility or criminals and of people in general. If this had been the average citizen hunter who had been so recklessly irresponsible--they would have been arrested and charged with a crime. But Richard "Dick" Cheney has set himself above the law--and in fact he is above the law--but not rightly so! The writter of this blog has been a gun enthusiast since childhood (even though neither of my parents owned or used guns) and has used guns since he was 14 years old. I started with a .22 rifle and a 12 gauge magnum hunting birds and other small game. I am now a gun owner and have a CCW and its common for me to go about my life with one of my many handguns strapped under my shoulder, or on my hip. So when it comes to gun safety I know of what I write and speak about--I have a long history with firearms--and a long history of using firearms safely. Its no accident when a man as myself uses firearms without injuring anyone--and its no accident when a man like Richard "Dick" Cheney uses a firearm and grieveously injures a hunting companion. Richard "Dick" Cheney should have been arrested and charged at the least--as he has proven himself far too irresponsible to own and use any kind of firearm. People like Richard "Dick" Cheney are the people who should not be allowed to own firearms--not responsible people like myself who use firearms responsibly!

Monday, July 21, 2008

More G.W. Bush Lies...

G.W. Bush is a consummate liar--this is nothing new for him; he has a long established track record of lying and in GW's case the apple didn't fall far from the tree! I'll take this moment to address this big one involving Israel and several other closely related lies. G.W. Bush, trying to negotiate with terrorists is a "foolish delusion". The so called two state solution is itself a foolish delusion--that has never and will never bring peace to Israel! The so called two state solution for peace is itself a lie; this so called solution is a thinly veiled means to the destruction of Israel. In fact every attempt at a two state solution has greatly increased the terrorism in Israel. (The land of Israel belongs to Israel, no one else has any rightful claim to it. Genesis 13:14-15) When Israel first began there were no Arabs, infact historically the Arabs have had only a short time in Israel, while Israel's historical presence is thousands of years and still going. G.W. Bush has repeatedly opted to negotiate with terrorists, he recently stated while in Israel that appeasement of terrorists is wrong--so why is he appeasing the PLO and pushing Israel to do the same? The PLO aka The Palestinian Authority whose charter calls for the destruction of Israel--the same PLO who considers suicide murderers to be heroes. G.W. Bush also said, no nation should ever be forced to negotiate with terrorist killers pledged to its destruction. It has been the evil policies of G.W. Bush (or more appropriately the policies of those around him--but nevertheless he signed off on them and he is responsible.) that has put these hate filled terrorists into power and sustains them. The G.W. Bush organization has given the PLO millions and millions of dollars, has given them arms, has trained and is training them in weapons and tactics. And what have they done with these arms and training? They have murdered innocent Jewish Israelis on numerous occasions. If G.W. Bush truly believed its a "foolish delusion" trying to negotiate with terrorists--then he would never have started negotiating with the PLO and Mahmoud Abbas. And he wouldn't continue to insist on Israel making foolish concessions to those who are committed to killing Jews and to the destruction of Israel. But then again a fool knows what is right and does the wrong thing anyway; foolishness is a common thread running through G.W. Bush's character. No doubt Mahmoud Abbas and his cohort Abu Mosen have and are diverting millions of dollars into their personal accounts as did Yasser Arafat to an estimated one Billion dollars. These funds mostly come from the USA, with some smaller amounts from the EU and Arab nations and at least some of this was intended to help the people--but only a minuscule amount of all the monies have ever been used to help the people. Now let's take a closer look at the corrupt and incompetent hate filled leader of the PLO aka PA Mahmoud Abbas, he did his graduate work in Moscow, his PhD thesis was about holocaust denial--that in and of itself makes the thesis and his degree not even worth the paper they are printed on! Mahmoud Abbas admits to securing the funds for Yasser Arafat's Black September who in 1972 kidnapped and murdered 11 Israeli athlete's and one German Policeman in Munich Germany. Mahmoud Abbas hasn't changed for the better--he won't even recognize that Israel has the right to exist. In fact Mahmoud Abbas wouldn't even be in power if it weren't for the protection of the foolish and corrupt Israeli government. I think of all the foolish Americans who were foolishly self deluded into believing G.W. Bush was a good Christian man--and would be a good president--how pathetic! The writer of this blog was never fooled--I always knew he was an evil man and wouldn't be a good president. In fact G.W. Bush is undoubtedly the worst president The United States Of America has ever had (even wosre than Clinton)--and he most certainly is not a Christian! Mathew 7:16 You shall know them by their fruits...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ethanol And Hunger

There is in general no food shortage in the world. There is a distribution problem--and there is on a country by country basis local production problems caused by corrupt, incompetent and immoral people which is where the politicians come from--and of course they make things worse. The very notion that the Corn produced in the USA (23% being diverted to Ethanol production) is the cause of people going hungry is ludicrous. Even though the USA has produced the food which has fed much of the world for many decades--farmers in the USA who divert their Corn crops toward Ethanol production are in no way responsible for hunger issues elsewhere. The nonsensical belief that Corn being diverted toward ethanol production in the USA presumes that there is no other food but Corn--when in fact there are numerous other foods available and in good supply. It also does not take into account the fact that USA production of corn was increased and there was in fact a huge surplus. It also does not take into account the fact of commodity speculation which has greatly increased the cost of corn and the higher cost of oil also is the cause of rising food prices. The food is available--but unaffordable for many, a fine example of this being Egypt. Each country is completely responsible for either feeding their own people or not--this responsibility is not that of the American people, or that of any other first world nation! When I first heard this ill advised idea of producing ethanol from Corn I knew it wouldn't work, its inefficient and costs a lot more than its worth to produce Ethanol this way--its foolish to use a food crop for fuel production when its not absolutely necessary. In fact its so inefficient that the federal government is subsidizing it by 51 cents a gallon and is imposing a 54 cent tariff on ethanol imports; it costs $1.25 a gallon to produce one $1.00 of Ethanol here in the USA--business which needs subsidies and tariffs and can't stand on its own isn't a business anyone should be involved in. Ethanol could easily be a $1.00 to $2.00 retail a gallon alternative for gasoline--but from non food plant sources, e.g. Switch grass, Sugarcane, farm stubble, sweet Sorgrum, cattails, trash Et cetera. Sugarcane yields approximately 800 gallons of ethanol per acre and corn yields approximately 328 gallons of ethanol per acre. Sugarcane produces 8 units of energy output for each 1 unit of energy input; and corn produces approximately 1.3 units of energy output for each 1 unit of energy input. One advantage of using corn (the only one I know of is) what's left over from the processing is high quality animal food. It takes 53,000 BTU's of energy to convert one bushel of corn which is 56 lbs into 2.8 gallons of Ethanol--most of the new ethanol plants use coal to produce this energy--of course the USDA supports this waste of food and fuel--because the head of the USDA is a G.W. Bush appointee. If the G.W. Bush organization were truly serious about using Ethanol to fuel automobiles they would at the least insist on flex fuel only. Flex fuel only could easily be accomplished by the manufactures within one year. Automobiles for the American market. Brazil is fuel independent they produce their own fuel and seventy five percent of their automobiles are flex fuel meaning they can run on pure clean alcohol or on petroleum and alcohol mixture. I knew it was the Bush organization who was placating special interest groups(more corruption)--and pretending to want to do something about the dependency on oil issues--without actually doing anything which would truly help--because they like the way things are with oil and the ever increasing prices. Let's not forget G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney are heavily invested in oil; and have repeatedly chosen their own special interests and those of their cronies over the best interests of the American people. The Energy Independence and Security Act that G.W. Bush signed December 19, 2007, decreed biofuel production increases from 7.5 billion gallons in 2012 to 36 billion in 2022. More cronyism from the G.W. Bush organization, the American peoples tax dollars at work. Isn't this wonderful.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Economy And Barack Obama

First, Its ridiculous that so many in government and elsewhere in society are still vacillating over whether the economy is in a recession, well as of this date the economy of The United States of America has been in a depression for over two years; simply put the economy is a wreck--and this is directly due to the corrupt policies of the G.W. Bush organization! Of course many UN-American Republicans won't speak honestly about it because they don't want to say anything negative about the current administration. The economy is even more of a wreck than it was during the Reagan administration; for those who should know but don't, when Ronald Reagan took office in 1981 the United States was the biggest creditor nation in the world and when Ronald Reagan left office in 1989--the United States was the biggest debtor nation in the world! Many people, mainly the upper classes liked Reaganomics--simply because the corruptness and incompetence made it possible for them to make tremendous amounts of money. Money that to a large extent was generated at the expense of America and the middle and lower classes. Unemployment was high, many businesses left operations in America for foreign lands, a huge deindustrialization ensued, Reaganomics was a disaster, for the economy, for the environment and for the American people! Just look at what happens every time a Republican is president, they run up massive debt, gas prices go up--and the last three Republican presidents have started wars that were unnecessary. Republicans like Democrats are very much in favor of big government, albeit they go about it in somewhat different ways. Many people think that if consumer spending is high--then its a good economy; but this ignorant and foolish notion is incorrect. Like now, large numbers of the American people are in debt--they like the US government are borrowing for everything they purchase, basically its two types of people who believe that being in debt makes for a good economy--ignorant people and fools! At present under the G.W. Bush organization, over one billion dollars each day is borrowed from China and other nations. And that in no way makes for a good economy! Now Barack Obama--who fortunately is not the president at this moment! Wants to increase government even more and turn The United States of America into even more of a nanny state (socialism run amuck) and admittedly will not even try to balance the budget (because it would hurt)--but this nonsensical belief that correcting the excesses of the G.W. Bush administration and other previous administrations would be too hard on the American people--is a false option--and the fact that Barack Obama would think this way, yet again shows his profound lack of understanding and poor judgement. There is so much waste within American government that it would be easy to balance the budget and not hurt Americans--but the UN-American socialist Barack Obama would never think to do this. So he has no plans to balance the budget and instead of being responsible he wants to impose much higher taxes upon the American people. Its true the trickle down theory very popular with the Republicans for the most doesn't work; and it can't be expected that giving a wealthy person a tax break will somehow trickle down to the middle and lower classes. What will work in the trickle down theory is when businesses of all types, big and small get significant tax breaks! Barack Obama also won't correctly deal with the illegal Mexican problem, a problem which is dragging down the American economy and is costing American citizens their jobs and a lot more besides. Its true illegal Mexicans add billions to the American economy--but they cost billions more than they contribute! In addition to this--many bring tremendous quantities of drugs with them and much more crime, rapes and murders Et cetra. These illegal Mexicans (even if they were legalized) are mostly neither good for the economy nor are they good for America!

Barack Obama--A Closer Look Part One

On May 31, 2008 Barack Obama resigned from his church of twenty years, Trinity United Church of Christ. But why did he take so long to resign (twenty years), if he truly did not/does not agree with the hate, divisiveness and derisiveness preached at his former church? Its obvious why he waited so long before he denounced Jeremiah Wright, he said Jeremiah Wright was someone he considered a friend and spiritual mentor. What a mentor--this is the kind of man Barack Obama looks to for advice! Barack Obama said "I am outraged by the comments that were made and saddened over the spectacle that we saw yesterday"--the spectacle being Jeremiah Wright's rant. He wasn't so outraged that he stopped supporting the church--in fact he has given tens of thousands of dollars in support of Trinity United Church of Christ, over $22,000 in 2006 and over $27,000 in 2007. Barack Obama was witness to many such performances over the years--staying at the least shows poor judgement and a lack of wisdom; staying at the most is a strong indicator that he agreed with what he heard Jeremiah Wright preach! Barack Obama's long delayed grudging denouncement of Jeremiah Wright and his long delayed grudging resignation from Trinity United Church of Christ has been out of political necessity; if he were not running for the office of the president he would still be a supporting member of the church as he was for twenty years. Jeremiah Wright has a decidedly anti Christian message--a message against white people, against Israel, against Jewish people, against The United States of America--and pro Arab (Hamas) terrorist! Jeremiah Wright blames the woes of Negro people in America on white people--when in fact the woes of most Negro people in America are caused by Negro's themselves--and until they (Negro people) wise up and place blame where it truly belongs--things will not get better for them but worse! But this is not the only place where Barack Obama has shown poor judgement and a lack of wisdom; Barack Obama has a lengthy history of associations with people of ill repute e.g. Bill Ayres an admitted terrorist bomber, Rashid Khalidi a PLO terrorist supporter and activist. Samantha Power, an advisor who advocates the end of USA aid to Israel. His national co chairman General Merrill McPeak retired, blames the Jews of NY and Miami for the USA foreign policy in favor of Israel--as if Jews are the only people in The United States of America who love and support Israel. Barack Obama has a poor record toward Israel--he was against the security fence which protects Israelis from suicide bombers and other acts of terrorism. (Since the fence went up--the number of murders and other terrorist attacks against Jews have markedly decreased!) He will not label the Iranian Guard a terrorist entity, he believes in "talking" to the terrorist government of Iran without any preconditions, not even the end of their nuclear weapons program, that this is the way to solve the Iranian problem. Only a fool would believe that talking is an option when dealing with a terrorist government who has openly declared on many occasions that they will not rest until Israel is wiped off the face of the Earth--and who are working toward that end with missile delivery systems and a nuclear weapons program. And who are the major reason for unrest in the middle east and major cause of terrorism in Iraq due to their state sponsored terrorism! Why has Barack Obama surrounded himself with so many people who are anti Israel--when there are many within the Democratic Party who support Israel? And let's not forget James Baker III a man vehemently anti Israel--Barack Obama thinks it would be a good idea to send him to negotiate with the Arab terrorists (PLO) in Israel. Barack Obama also likes Chuck Hagel another anti Israel fool. On both sides of the isle Barack Obama reaches out to people who are anti Israel. Barack Obama is not a friend of Israel--he would be even worse than G.W. Bush has been toward Israel! And that means more trouble for The United States of America. In conclusion, I can easily see that Barack Obama is a personable and likable man; and I was immediately attracted to his style of speaking and to some of the good things he says he wants to do! The good things Barack Obama says he wants to do--are truly good; but there are things he says and other things he does not say which are not good and in fact Un-American--its these which make him the wrong man for the office of the president, as well as the other things written in this blog.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The American President

I have heard some foolish people say "its time for a negro president"--this of course is ridiculous--race is not the issue! The United States of America does not and has never needed a negro president, or a Mexican, or an Asian president. The same is also true of a woman president--gender is not the issue! What the United States of America needs is a man or a woman (race is irrelevant) who will uphold the constitution as the founders wrote and intended it to be upheld and who will uphold the rule of just American laws. Neither Barack Obama nor the power hungry Hillary Clinton are those people.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Barack Obama A Muslim?

Is Barack Obama a Muslim? The idea that he refused to place his hand on the Bible for his swearing in as Senator of Illinois is mistakenly believed by many to be true; and no doubt this same lie has been deliberately perpetuated by others who have an agenda against Barack Obama. The latter would be in a better position to refute his claims of being the right man for the Office of the President by using the truth--and there are many truths which completely disqualify Barack Obama from being the right man for President of The United States of America! Barack Obama did in fact on January 24, 2005 place his hand on his copy of the Bible, for his swearing in as Senator of the State of Illinois which Dick Cheney presided over. However the fact that a man places his hand upon the Bible for a swearing in--in no way qualifies him as a Christian. Many people who claim to be Christians--are not true Christians, Matthew 7:21-23. It has become a pathetic phenomena in American politics, that politicians especially Republicans will claim to be Christians all for the purpose of political gain. Its rare to find a true Christian in high (or low) political office in America. That said the idea that a Christian is going to be a good politician or leader is rarely true. Or if Barack Obama is a true Christian that fact in no way necessarily means he is seriously devoted to living in accordance with the teachings outlined within the Bible (in fact most true Christians are not seriously devoted to anything involving God.) I have seen no evidence that Barack Obama is a Muslim--nor have I seen any evidence that he is a Christian. (It was Keith Ellison Muslim congressman of MN who was sworn into office with his hand on a Koran.)