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Magazine Limits--They Didn't Even Write The Bill Correctly--DUH!

Reading the lawsuit that NYSRPA filed--it points out, the law reads you cannot load more than seven rounds in a magazine that has a capacity of "more than seven, but less than ten".

The lawsuit also rightfully points out--that this means you can load more than seven rounds in a magazine that has a capacity of exactly ten; so if you have an eight or nine round magazine--you can only load seven--but if you have a ten round magazine--you can load ten.

They should have written "a capacity of more than seven but less than eleven"--or "a capacity of more than seven but not more than ten." As written--the law totally exempts ten round magazines from the seven round load limitation

These Marxist whores are incompetent--what else is to be expected when their leader is the incompetent and profoundly mentally ill Mario Cuomo!

Presumably this is what most of the people of New York voted for--what a pathetic group of people!

{NYSRPA is New York State Rifle and Pistol Association.} 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Thirteen Reasons Why Americans Need To Oppose Universal Background Checks!

Biggest concern relates to gun registration and confiscation!

Can we really trust the administration that gave us Fast & Furious to respect our Second Amendment rights?

Of course the Obama Administration cannot be trusted!

Recent articles in the liberal {Marxist} media have suggested that setting up a framework for gun registration and confiscation--the so-called “universal background check”--is somehow less insidious than other gun control proposals currently on the table.

Anyone who believes this is foolish and naive if not delusional.

 Here are thirteen reasons why the “universal background check” is the most insidious gun control of all:

FIRST: The principle that no American can own a firearm without getting the go-ahead from the government is offensive to Americans. We don’t require breathalyzer checks before people get into their cars even though drunk drivers kill more than 30 times more people than “assault rifles” do. Nor do we require background checks on clubs and hammers, which also kill more often than “assault rifles.”[i]

SECOND: Universal background checks would not have stopped Adam Lanza (who stole his guns), or James Holmes or Jared Loughner (who passed background checks).

THIRD: One of the nation’s leading anti-gun medical publications, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), found that the Brady law has failed to reduce murder rates. In August 2000, JAMA reported that states implementing waiting periods and background checks did “not [experience] reductions in homicide rates or overall suicide rates.”[ii]

FOURTH:  Increasingly, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms is illegally going into gun dealers and xeroxing all of the 4473’s--a practice which represents the beginnings of a national gun registry.

FIFTH:  The FBI refuses to tell us how or whether it is complying with the Smith and Tiarht amendments prohibiting Brady names from being kept for a national gun registry.

SIXTH:  Germany just set up a national gun registry, based on index cards kept at 551 locations throughout the country--cards not dissimilar to the 4473’s which every American gun buyer would be required to fill out under a Universal Background Check system.

SEVENTH:  The NICS list currently contains the names of more than 150,000 law-abiding veterans who didn’t do anything wrong (but honorably served their country and then sought counseling for their wartime experiences)--and could soon contain tens of millions of names of Medicaid patients with post partem depression, IDEA students with ADHD, and soldiers, police, and firemen with PTSD.

EIGHTH:  Anyone who doesn’t believe a national gun registry leads to national gun confiscation should consider the confidential memorandum advocating confiscation and circulated by New York Democrats prior to their most recent round of New York gun control.[iii]

NINTH:  Even under current demands, the Brady system is constantly breaking down--for example, shutting off many purchases on Black Friday, a day when there were massive numbers of gun purchases which were effectively blocked.

TENTH:  Many sellers in very rural areas would find it a great hardship to travel hundreds of miles, accompanied by their purchasers, in order to make a sale in a licensed dealer’s place of business. This inconvenience for rural sellers would be even more significant if, as happens 10% of the time, the purchase--usually for no reason at all--is not immediately approved.

ELEVENTH:  In a significant number of current transactions, purchases are held up for no reason other than the fact that the seller’s name is similar to someone else’s name.  Often, these botch-ups permanently block gun purchases when (1) the FBI’s response remains non-committal after three days, (2) the gun dealer refuses to sell based on a non-committal response, despite the language of the Brady Law, and (3) the FBI’s response is “sue us.”

TWELFTH:  Can we really trust the administration that gave us Fast & Furious to respect our Second Amendment rights? The Obama Administration knowingly approved (via background checks) the sales of thousands of guns to the Mexican Cartel in order to justify calls for greater gun control here at home. As a result, several hundred Mexicans have been killed -- not to mention at least one U.S. federal agent. Considering the Obama administration’s record on guns, the administration should NOT be trusted to keep guns out of the “wrong hands.” Isn’t this the fox guarding the hen house?

THIRTEENTH:  Let’s be honest--"Universal background checks" are nothing more than the ineffectual platform from which gun haters will make their next set of demands, based on the next horrific tragedy.

[i] For drunk driving-related fatalities, see Table 3 Statistics, US Department of Transportation National Highway Safety Administration Traffic Safety Facts Report 12/2012: For FBI statistics regarding rifle deaths (of which “assault rifles” would be a subset) and “clubs, hammers, etc.,” see FBI Crime Report 2011, Expanded Homicide Data Table 11:

[ii] Jens Ludwig and Philip J. Cook, “Homicide and Suicide Rates Associated With Implementation of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act,” Journal of the American Medical Association, vol. 284, no. 5 (August 2, 2000).
[iii] See -- and see Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s statement that “confiscation could be an option” at


Watch the entire video [13:55] and learn the truth--about why magazine size restrictions will not and cannot work to prevent murder [mass murder] by criminals...

Magazine size restrictions do act to restrict good people with firearms from defending themselves, their families and others! And they for the most have no effect upon criminals or in preventing crime.



Assault Weapons Ban Is Not Dead!

Video credit and thank you to the Military Arms Channel.                                                                                                                                                     

Barack Obama And Joe Biden On Gun Control!

The hypocrisy and lies never end with these two Godless Marxists who are hell bent on destroying God given American liberty!


Friday, March 15, 2013

Barack Obama Gun Control Does Not Work!

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pope Francis--I Denounce You!

 "And as for the Pope, I refuse him, as Christ's enemy and antichrist, with all his false doctrine."

  ~Arch Bishop Thomas Cranmer March 21,  1556

I the blog author, fully concur with the above--and I say and confirm this after Ian Paisley before me...

Pope Francis--"I denounce you as Christs enemy and antichrist, with all your false doctrines I denounce you--I denounce you--I denounce you!"

John Adams~"I know of no body of men more deserving of eternal damnation, on Earth or in hell than the Sons of Loyola".

I the blog author full concur with John  Adams. 

Edwin Sherman~The Jesuits are the engineer corp of hell.

This Godless Jesuit pope will not be the last pope--there will be at least one more. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Diane Feinstein Caught In A Lie About Gun Control!

Diane Feinstein--a lying Marxist whore--wants to ban and confiscate all guns from private American citizens!

Diane Feinstein's current assault weapons bill--which does not address any assault weapons, nor does it address crime; but rather it criminalizes honest law abiding citizens--does in fact ban and confiscate commonly used and owned guns en mass.
Barack Obama--a lying Marxist whore--also wants to ban and confiscate all guns from private citizens, has stated--he does not believe private citizens should be allowed to have guns; has also stated its the NRA who is ginning up fears that the federal government wants to take your guns.

The truth is, the NRA is not ginning up fear--they are telling the truth about what those in federal government have said they want to do--which is to ban and confiscate all guns from private citizens.

Its typical for Marxists to lie about their intentions and attempt to shift the blame to others who are not responsible.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Black Leaders Speak Out Against Gun Control!

This is a good and accurate message--its good to hear the truth being spoken about the Marxist democrat party--the party of high taxes, racism, oppression and mass murder!

Video credit and a special thank you to Star Parker!

During the Black Codes, the right to bear arms was taken away from Black Americans and perpetuated during Jim Crow. Today only 16 percent of Black Americans are armed, and in communities like Chicago where there is the most stringent of gun control regulations--murder rates from gun violence are the highest in the nation.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Piers Morgan Is Lying About Gun Control

 Piers Morgan a Marxist, like those Marxists in the democrat party, including their confederates in the republican party--is promoting an international Marxist agenda of civilian disarmament; he is lying to the American people about gun control--nearly every statistic he quotes is inaccurate and he fails to acknowledge the many statistics which invalidate his arguments. Piers Morgan, as Marxists are wont to be--is arrogant and condescending in his lies. 

Fortunately, Piers Morgan's CNN audience is very small--and consists mostly of ineffectual useful idiots.

Yes the UK has a lower murder rate with firearms than the United States does, but what Piers Morgan fails to admit is--the overall rate of violent crime in the UK is about 4 times higher than it is in the United States of America. A woman in the UK is not allowed to use a firearm to protect herself against potential and actual rapists who are often armed; this partially explains why the UK has about 125 percent more rape victims per 100,000 people than the United States does.

At the same time UK newspapers are declaring the UK has become the "violent crime capital of Europe", crime rates in the United States have actually fallen dramatically over the past 20 years; and this has happened during a time in which gun laws became much less restrictive in the United States. 

At present murder rates in the United States are generally far higher in cities and other locations which have very strict gun control laws, e.g., Chicago and NYC--than they are for much of the the rest of the nation; the statistics--even those of the federal government, make it clear--that when there are more guns there is usually less crime.

Here are 18 facts--plus some relevant extras which prove Piers Morgan and the Marxist democrat party are lying about gun control...

#1 The UK has approximately 125 percent more rape victims per 100,000 people each year than the United States does.
#2 The UK has approximately 133 percent more assault victims per 100,000 people each year than the United States does.
#3 Piers Morgan continues lying and insisting there are more than 11,000 gun murders in the United States every year; the truth according to the FBI is, there were 8,583 gun murders in the United States during 2011; and as Ben Swann recently pointed out, 400 of those were justifiable homicides by law enforcement and 260 of those were justifiable homicides by private citizens.
#4 The United States is number one in the world in gun ownership, and yet it is only 28th in the world in gun murders per 100,000 people.
#5 The violent crime rate in the United States actually fell from 757.7 per 100,000 in 1992 to 386.3 per 100,000 in 2011. During that same time period, the murder rate fell from 9.3 per 100,000 to 4.7 per 100,000. And this was during a time period when gun laws in the United States generally became much less restrictive.
#6 The city of Chicago has some of the strictest anti gun laws in the United States--but this has not reduced crime; The murder rate, in Chicago was approximately 17 percent higher in 2012 than it was in 2011, and Chicago is now considered to be "the deadliest global city". There were about as many murders in Chicago during 2012 as there were in the entire nation of Japan--a nation with very strict gun control laws. Japan has a population of approximately 127,960,000; whereas Chicago, IL has a population of approximately 2,707,120. Japan also has a very high suicide rate of approximately 24 per 100,000 people. Whereas the United States has a suicide rate of approximately 12 per 100,000 people.  
#7 After the city of Kennesaw, Georgia passed a law requiring every home to have a gun, the crime rate dropped by more than 50 percent over the course of the next 23 years.
#8 Approximately 200,000 women in the United States use guns to protect themselves against sexual crimes every single year.
#9 Good people using guns in the United States are used 80 times more often to prevent crime than they are to take lives--often times the mere presence of a gun will prevent the crime from going any further, without any shots being fired.
#10 Approximately 3.5 percent of the gun murders in the United States are caused by rifles.
#11 According to Gallup, an all-time record 74 percent of all Americans are against a total handgun ban in the United States.
#12 In Australia, murders with guns increased by approximately 19 percent and armed robberies increased by approximately 69 percent after a gun ban was instituted.
#13 When Piers Morgan claims there are only 35 gun murders in the UK per year, he isn't being truthful.  According to official statistics, there were 59 murders with guns in the UK in 2011.  It is also important to keep in mind that gun crime was already very low even before the gun ban in the UK was instituted; and that a 2009 article in The Telegraph declared that gun crime had doubled over the past decade even though it is widely acknowledged that crime statistics in the UK are massively underreported.
#14 The UK has the fourth highest burglary rate in the EU.
#15 The UK has the second highest overall criime rate in the EU.
#16 A 2009 article in The Telegraph had this stunning headline: "UK is violent crime capital of Europe".
#17 Despite the very strict ban on guns in the UK, the facts show that the UK is a far more violent society than the United States is. In one recent year, there were 2,034 violent crimes per 100,000 people in the UK. In the United States, there were 466 violent crimes per 100,000 people during that same year.
#18 According to Gun Owners of America, the governments of the world slaughtered more than 170 million of their own people during the 20th century.  The majority of those people had been disarmed by their own governments prior to being slaughtered.

Chicago Snowstorm And Crime

  The city of Chicago is steadily recovering from an overnight snowstorm that delayed hundreds of murders on Friday morning and will likely continue to push numerous homicides across the city drastically behind schedule, public authorities announced. 

"As we speak, maintenance crews are working diligently to restore public transportation, de-ice roads, and clear back alleyways so that Chicagoans can quickly resume murdering again."  

Department of Streets and Sanitation spokesman Dave Michelson said of the heavy blizzard, which caused numerous homicide cancellations this morning at peak murder times.

"Unfortunately we're backed up by about 35 deadly shootings at the moment, but we hope to restore regular death tolls as soon as possible. We apologize to anyone forced to postpone shootings or other killings today and assure concerned murderers that they will be able to resume slayings by the early afternoon." 

At press time, authorities reported that murders were up and running in many parts of the city, with four teenagers already gunned down on Chicago's South Side.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

The American People And Those They Elect

"If a people are not good at making decisions for themselves--neither are the leaders they elect; an ignorant, corrupt, immoral and incompetent electorate--equals the same elected officials--and this is what we have today in America with rare exception!"

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Next Pope Will Not Be A Negro

There has been and is much speculation about who the next pope will be. 

The next pope will most assuredly--not be a Negro--the Godless Catholic church is very racist at its heart!

It is definite--the next Godless pope will be a Marxist like the evil pope Benedict-Cardinal Ratzinger was and is--and I expect very white.

On a brief side note--in keeping with the lying spirit of the Godless Catholic church, Benedict-Ratzinger did not resign because of health reasons--there is much more to the story.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Marxists like Andrew Coumo almost always name their legislation the opposite of what it truly is--in this case the so called but not, "NY SAFE Act"--which is in reality the NY UNSAFE Act; as it works to make New Yorkers more unsafe--does nothing to deal with criminals--but rather it criminalizes honest citizens!

According to Governor Andrew Cuomo, child pornography, stealing children, rape in the 3rd degree, criminally negligent homicide and choking someone--are lesser offenses than owning a standard capacity magazine.

Possession of, e.g., a standard capacity 13-round magazine for a 9mm SIG Sauer P229 or any magazines holding more than 11 rounds is and will be a class D violent felony, even for owners who possessed standard capacity magazines prior to September 1994 when possession was grandfathered.

Listed below are a few crimes in New York that are class E felonies and A misdemeanors which are one or two arrest levels below a class D felony.

Luring a child.

Criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation.

Criminally negligent homicide.

Rape 3rd degree.

Criminal sexual act 3rd degree.

Persistent sexual abuse.

Substitution of children.

Unlawful imprisonment 1st degree.

Female genital mutilation.

Possessing a sexual performance by a child, i.e., child pornography.

Joe Biden--Fire The Shotgun Through The Door!


Monday, March 4, 2013

Gun Free Schools--Because They Work So Well!

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