Friday, January 15, 2010

A Thought On Haiti

The reason Haiti is a fourth world nation is because of two main reasons the Haitian people are basically Godless and because they have been ruled by communist dictators for decades. Its simple whenever a nation embraces the true God and capitalistic economic principles--that nation prospers! Neither the United States nor any other nation can fix Haiti--only the Haitian people with God's help can fix Haiti! Because of the incompetence of the non conservative G.W. Bush administration and now the communistic Obama administration--the United States is bankrupt--as such the United States shouldn't be giving any relief money to Haiti; but rather should be sending the military to establish and maintain order. This blog writer is aware of the extreme self imposed plight of the Haitian people--but the American people do not owe anything to the Haitian people--the Haitian people owe themselves. As for Haitian relief--that's for private charities to consider and consider they should.