Thursday, October 25, 2012


  A New York Times article also published in the Journal of Psychological Science by Kristina Durante who is not a genuine scientist, has claimed that ovulating women "feel" more sexy and aroused and want to vote for Barack Obama--and by extension other male Marxist democrat politicians.

Of course the Marxist democrat whores at the New York Times would print this non scientific nonsense in their cynical attempt to get Barack Obama re-elected--as they have been lying about and promoting Barack Obama well before he was unconstitutionally elected.

This so called but not scientific sample used an "internet survey" of two hundred and seventy five single women with regular menstrual cycles who were not taking hormonal contraception--and concluded they mostly support Barack Obama and want to vote for him--because says the lead "researcher" Kristina Durante, "they feel sexier".

Kristina Durante, "Heightened sexual feelings lead women to support politicians who advocate for easy access to birth control and abortion".

This so called "study" by Kristina Durante--has attempted to make women out to be monolithic and utterly pathetic whores--and this goes right along with the Marxist democrat party platform and how they pander to women to get their votes!

[Just picture this, tens of millions of American women who are Marxist democrat whores, laying around thinking about Barack Obama and masturbating with their tongues out and slobbering all over themselves--ohhhh Barackkk--I just have to vote for you, you make me "feel so sexy" and because I'm such a whore I want to have an Obama abortion to murder my unborn children!]

This nonsense is obviously not science--but rather a pathetic attempt by Kristina Durante and the Marxist democrat party to get Barack Obama re-elected--and its not going to work!

This so called but not study by Kristina Durante, supposedly also showed that married or otherwise committed women favored Mitt Romney, this no doubt was included in a cynical attempt to lend creditability.

Again this so called but not study has no validity--its all a cynical and pathetic attempt to promote Barack Obama and other Marxist democrat politicians.

And finally...

Most women have never felt sexy in relation to Barack Obama--including Michelle Obama who married for her own gain--not out of love. A normal psychologically sound human being would be disgusted by even the thought of Barack Obama; Barack Obama who is a sociopath, a sexual pervert, a Marxist, a Muslim, a liar and a cheat, a man who hates the American people and nation, who hates women and children, who promotes the murder of children, who also hates Jews and Israel--Barack Obama is a thoroughly disgusting human being who was never constitutionally or otherwise qualified to be president!

Addendum: Barack Obama was qualified to be president in one area only--his age.


This just in--Mitt Romney wins the election for president--the whiny Marxist bitch Barack Hussein Obama loses; when the votes are counted, Mitt Romney will most likely win by a margin of at least three to seven percent!