Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Green Wedding--NOT!

I was flipping channels and ran across Martha Stewart, the focus of the program was Martha's executive assistant--needless to write her being a very attractive woman kept my attention so I watched on. (How very typical of me *winks*!) The bride to be has bought into the, be green and save our planet ecofascism nonsense and she repeatedly spoke about having a green wedding and not leaving a carbon footprint. During one segment she was selecting foods for the reception--every food I saw her and her husband-to-be tasting and approving was what mainstream medical science (And also written in the Torah's dietary laws long before!) has proven to be extremely unhealthy--the kind of foods which are known to cause widespread diseases, e.g. heart and coronary artery disease, cancer, high blood pressure, premature ageing and of course unhappiness and early death. How interesting it is the bride wants to save the planet--and at the same time is polluting her body with extremely unhealthy foods--and is definitely leaving a big carbon and free radical footprint there within herself--how pathetic!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

No More Blank Checks For Israel

This is the latest from the Brookings Institute (an organization which has caused a great deal of trouble and hurt for The United States of America and for the world!) Martin Indyk one of their directors said "The era of the blank cheque is over," this is exactly the type of statement which is typical of those who either hate Israel and or they hate Jews and Israel! From the beginning of the modern state of Israel, May 13, 1948--The United States has with one hand held blessings for Israel and with the other it has either held a knife which it has repeatedly used to stab Israel in the back and an open palm which it has used to repeatedly slap Israel across the face--in short The United States government has never--never given Israel a blank check and what it has given has always come at a high price!

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Permissive Society...

Many people wonder why things have gotten so bad in America, but its the extreme permissiveness for immorality throughout most of American society that is the reason why! One can clearly see with a study of American history and a study of world history that each society which embraced immorality--suffered greatly with lowered standards and increased crime--and the end result was their destruction.