Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Michelle Obama's Big Fat Butt

Those who are well educated realize that the progressive/Marxists want to control everything and everyone, they want to meddle in everyone's lives; well educated people also realize that progressive/Marxists are hypocrites; they want nearly everyone else to live under big progressive/Marxist government repression--while at the same time excluding themselves from much of this big progressive/Marxist government repression. Interesting how Michelle Obama, the de facto first woman, [she's no lady] has been and is still going around the country harping about diet and being overweight [meddling in what is none of her's or Barack's business]--and now Michelle Obama appears to have gained at least twenty pounds on her thighs and mostly on her now rather BIG-FAT-BUTT! Michelle Obama--hypocrite at large.


Friday, October 15, 2010

911 And The American People

Its been said and believed by numerous people in the United States of America--that the American people woke up and came together to change the nation for better after the events of September 11, 2001--I didn't believe it at the time--and its still not true. My thought at the time was that at best some of the American people were briefly roused from their slumber and then most of them proceeded to go right back to sleep. If the American people truly did wake up and come together for the good of our nation--then they would have never voted into office for a second term the progressive and very UnAmerican G.W. Bush--and they would have never voted into office the Muslim progressive Barack Hussein Obama! The reality is the American people have corrupted themselves and as a result they are so utterly immoral, ignorant and pathetic--they know not at what they stumble. {Proverbs 4:19} All the mess today in The United States of America--is all a result of the whorish and corrupt American people including the majority of the Christian American people--these people will not turn things around ever--and they are preventing those good Americans who are trying to turn things around from achieving their goal. Many of the foundational principles of The American nation were Biblical in nature--the American nation cannot stand apart from these foundational principles--ergo the American nation can only be saved through God himself! While it is true that there are outside forces who are conspiring to destroy The United States of America--it is the American people themselves, some knowingly, i.e., the so called mainstream {Marxist} media, et al, and many unknowingly, who are the major force of evil working to destroy this great nation! For those true Americans who are working for the good of the nation--we will slow down the progression of the destruction of The United States of America--but we will not stop it. This is a worthy endeavor--I encourage all like minded and hearted Americans to continue on--because in this pursuit lives will be saved both physically and eternally!

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Brief Note On Meg Whitman

I find it interesting that the communist minded Media is SO against Meg Whitman--this is interesting in that Meg Whitman is a progressive [communist] whore, much like they are. Meg Whitman is in favor of Soviet style communism in the form of cap and trade. Meg Whitman is strongly anti second amendment--even though she claims to be a "strong supporter". Meg Whitman is in favor of publicly funded abortions, i.e., genocidal mass murder, "My view is that if we are going to be pro-choice... that it needs to be available to all women, and whether you are rich or poor, you need to be able to access that right. And it's unfair to women who can not afford an abortion, and that's why I support public funding."