Monday, August 18, 2008

American Interference In Foreign Nations

Its interesting how American politicians find it necessary to interfere with the internal affairs of other nations, the latest American interference involves Russia's invasion of Georgia. And why would G.W. Bush and John McCain be so interested in the nation of Georgia? Once again its American fascism--American business has oil interests in Georgia so they have their political whores in Washington interfere, as they have so many times in the past! Georgia is Russia's sphere of influence. America would not stand for Russian interference in the Americas and has reacted violently and with the immanent threat of violence to past Russian interference. Looking at Americas history and its interference in the internal affairs of foreign nations, it is easy to see a pattern going back to the mid 1800's, July 8, 1853 to be exact, when American business wanted to open the Japanese market, but the Japanese were isolationist which was their right as a sovereign nation--but to the country founded upon freedom of choice and democratic ideals that didn't matter, because the American politician had become a whore of big business. And because of that interference Japan rose as a major military power and invaded other nations and murdered tens of millions of civilians and cost the lives of many Americans to put them down. Americas unnecessary interference in Vietnam cost the lives of over 50,000 Americans; and why? because big business wanted to open up the Vietnamese market, of course the reason given was "to stop communism" and that was and is a good thing, but communism in Vietnam would not have affected America--America was only affected because of its incompetent, corrupt and fascist politicians who involved America in a unnecessary war there. That written few people know that right after the second world war, America began sending huge amounts of military equipment to Vietnam and Korea--why because the fascists already knew what their next objectives were and there was unnecessary war and unnecessary loss of American lives in both countries. As for the Vietnam situation, if American politicians would have supported Ho Chi Minh who thought highly of the American Constitution he would not have been open to Soviet and Chinese overtures. Interesting how even Hollywood was supporting the Vietnam war with movies like "The Green Berets", the propaganda in that movie went like this, America is here trying to help these poor people fight communism--when that wasn't it at all; those so called poor people were immoral and corrupt and would not stand up for themselves and their country, so when America left the SV forces collasped very quickly because 99.5% of the war effort was American. And now there is Iraq--(interesting how the Iraqis won't stand up for their country either) an unnecessary war which has cost the lives of over 4,000 Americans and after five years there is still no end in sight! America fought two countries during the second world war, Japan and Germany each with highly trained armies and put them both down in under four years. And now can't deal with poorly trained and equipped Iraqis and Iranians--very similar to what took place in Vietnam--and look where that ended. In neither case did America have a plan to actually win--but just to keep the war going indefinitely so big business could continue to profit. Like now in Iraq, there is Starbucks, Burger King and many others profiting. This is not the way to run a military or to prosecute a war. People don't need Starbucks and Burger King here in America or at war--what they and the American troops need is basic good food! I heard one fascist say "we are here to help the troops". And how is giving food that has been proven to be unhealthy being good to the troops? How is supporting an illegitimate war helping the troops? The troops are not there to feel like they're at home--but to fight and come home quickly! The truth is they are there to profit from the war--its all about how much money they can make--they should at least be honest! Fascist America once again is profiteering from the blood of American troops and from the blood of other nations--in this case Iraq! Also at least during much of the twenteth century American politicians have been foolish in trying to push Americanism off onto other nations; and it has not worked--Americanism works for Americans--other nations with their different cultures will never be like America or Americans and there is no good reason they should be! For the most part an isolationist policy is the best way for America with involvements in foreign affairs only happening when it cannot be avoided--and never, never to open markets for American business! And finally--the correct way to prosecute a war is to do as America did during the second world war, no undue restraint, no so called political correctness, no sending troops into battle without proper equipment and training. Many, many American soldiers have been unnecessarily maimed and many others killed because the evil G.W. Bush organization rushed to war and did not train and properly equip them. The war in Iraq could have and should have been completed within one year--but America's politicians are extremely ignorant, incompetent, corrupt, immoral and hell bent on total fascism. And why is this--because the American people are extremely ignorant, incompetent, corrupt and extremely immoral; let's not forget the American politician comes directly from the American people--so how can the American people expect their politicians to be any different than themselves? These are just some of Americas inappropriate involvements in other nations foreign affairs--there are many, many more examples. "History never repeats itself--but it does rhyme sometimes".

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