Wednesday, April 15, 2009

THe New Terrorist

The Barack Obama organization has recently taken the position to not call evil evil, to not call terrorism terrorism--unless it comes from those who do not like what they are doing. In a recently released document, a document that was sent to police across the nation, a document that had on the front cover, " do not release to the media"--BO and his goon squad have labeled those who do not approve of abortion, those who do not approve of the so called bailouts, (which are truly bail ins) those who speak up against the policies of the corrupt Obama organization--are labeled terrorists. This is in violation against the First Amendment. Barack Obama has said that he does not respect The United States Constitution and that it needs to be changed. And he has repeatedly proven that he does not respect the US Constitution, or the traditional American culture and way of life. This alone makes him unqualified for the office of the president--because he promised to protect and defend the US Constitution--a promise he had no intention of keeping--and has not kept.

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