Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bye Bye Jonesie

Van Jones the so called "green jobs" commissar--has resigned. Of course in typical Van Jones fashion he is blaming a "vicious smear campaign" against him. A close look at Van Jones' life makes it clear that Van Jones is not the kind of man who takes personal responsibility seriously--he would rather place the blame with others. In Van Jones' ignorant, illogical and immoral manner of thinking, its more often than not the white man/woman who is to blame. Van Jones, a self admitted communist, environmental fascist, anti white racist, hater of The United States of America, hater of Jews and Israel--is completely responsible for his own resignation. It is not a smear campaign when Van Jones' own written words and his words captured on video in public gatherings are used to show the American people just who and what Van Jones is. In addition to being a profoundly evil man Van Jones is very immature, he has a big mouth and now yet again he's unwilling to accept responsibility for his own pathetic words--words which clearly show who and what Van Jones is. Van Jones' manner of speaking and acting is more of what I would expect of a 15 year old male instead of a 40 year old man. Oh yes--of course Barack Obama and his close advisers knew who and what Van Jones is and stands for--Van Jones, as are all of Barack Obama's commissars were chosen because they reflect Barack Obama's own beliefs and desires for America.

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