Monday, September 14, 2009

Jay-Z Slings His Crap

First--most rap equals crap--definitely true of the crapper Jay-Z aka Shawn Carter. He speaks and craps about hating G.W. Bush and the war in Iraq and of white lies and how because of Barack Obama there will be no more lies and by extension no more evil. What a pathetic fool Zay-Z/Shawn Carter is--Barack Obama is not black but half white and half Negro. Almost every time Barack Obama opens his mouth in public like in his speech last week on the floor of congress most of what he says are lies! Barack Obama lies and is more corrupt than G.W. Bush--and that was a lot! Its so ignorant and pathetic of Shawn Carter to dehumanize Negros, to think that they are not capable of lies and every other evil known to human beings. Apparently people like Shawn Carter are too uneducated and immoral to realize that Negros are in fact human beings--responsible just as whites are for their actions--they are quite capable of every evil just as every other race--and they are in no way exempt because of their race. Barack Obama is a fine example of a half Negro being an evil man--or would immoral fools like Shawn Carter rather believe that its the white half of Barack Obama who is doing the lying and the other evils? I think they would. As long as ignorant, foolish and immoral entitlement minded people--both white and Negro insist on dehumanizing Negros and treating them like children and holding them accountable for their lives--they will never have their rightful place in American society! It doesn't matter what race the person is who is president--what matters is whether they are true constitutional conservatives--and if they are not, then what they do will fail as it always has here in The United States of America.

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