Thursday, October 8, 2009

Piss Sh*t And Ejaculate Before Boarding...

All Nippon Airways is now requesting that passengers piss before boarding--and by extension sh*t and ejaculate too; in order to reduce the weight of the aircraft--to save fuel and reduce carbon emissions--to save the earth. I suppose the fact that carbon is a life giving gas--not a poison and does not cause global climate change has eluded them. Apparently these ANA fools have embraced the communism of global climate change nonsense! If they wanted to save fuel [without saving the planet] they could greatly reduce the weight by stripping all the paint off of their planes--apparently these Jap fools haven't realized this--so they would rather have their passengers do the above before takeoff. These people are nuts and fools! In conclusion, by using Jap for Japanese--I was referring to Japanese fascism, which is still a serious force in Japanese politics.

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