Saturday, November 28, 2009

American People Unhappy With Barack Obama...

Its interesting how many of the American people, who once supported Barack Hussein Obama--are now not in support of him and very unhappy with him! My comment to these people is--you should have taken the responsibility to properly check Barack Obama out before you gave your support to him--duh! I quickly saw Barack Obama for who he was--the typical lying, special interest driven, corrupt, anti United States Constitution and progressive politician. And I didn't need to go to the right wing media to learn these facts--one only needed to look at the people Barack Obama has had long associations with, look at the organizations Barack Obama has had long associations with, read Barack Obama's two books, read Barack Obama's voting record and listen to Barack Obama's own spoken words. Had those Americans who voted for Barack Obama taken the personal responsibility to look at the true facts about Barack Obama--the majority of those people would never have voted for him; and we would not now have a communist as acting president--a man who was from the beginning Constitutionally unqualified to be president. How's that hope and change working for you now? mm mm mm American people--its time you went back to the basics of "The United States Constitution--that wonderful God inspired document adhered to which made this country the greatest nation in the history of the world!"

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