Monday, November 9, 2009

Nidal Hassan--Muslim Terrorist!

The military, politicos and the immoral--relativist media--all guided by the evil and incompetence of "political correctness", will not say the truth about Nidal Malik Hassan--because he is in one of their 'protected groups', i.e., women, Islamists, homosexuals, immoral democrats and Negros--people from these groups can never be held to a high moral standard--excuses are always made for their indiscretions--they are rarely if ever held accountable for their own actions! Some fools are trying to make the actions of Nidal Malik Hassan a murder only; the difference in murder and terrorism is in the motivation. The facts are--Nidal Malik Hassan and his terrorist act of murdering 13 people and injuring 30 others was motivated by his Islamist beliefs--Nidal Malik Hassan is a Muslim terrorist! Nidal Malik Hassan is a Muslim terrorist! Islam is NOT a religion of peace--as some fools would have the American people believe--Islam is a religion of extreme hatred, violence and extreme intolerance! Islam promotes the subjugation of all those who will not submit to it; Islam promotes the hatred of Christians, Jews and women et cetera. The history of Islam is a history of extreme terrorism! I'll never forget the incompetent and immoral G.W. Bush saying in his 2001 state of the union address, "Islam is a religion of peace." And this nonsense has continued ever since--let's not forget the reason G.W. said that lie--it was to appease the Saudi government--the major sponsor of Muslim terrorism in the world then and now!

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