Thursday, January 7, 2010

Obama The Wonderful mm mm mm

Its truly pathetic how most of the American people will set celebrities up on a pedestal--in effect dehumanizing them. And the major purveyors of this nonsense and at times just plain evil are the lamestream media--the communist minded media. They like the whores they are proclaimed Barack Hussein Obama the most wonderful and different politician of all times, they constantly lied about him, covered up the facts about his past, his associations and his supporters, while proclaiming him Obama the wonderful, Obama the all knowing one, Obama the man without flaw, Obama the man who has all the answers, Obama the one who will end political strife, Obama the one who will bring the races together, Obama is the best because he is a Negro, Obama the one who will restore our international image, Obama will fix the economy and lower taxes on all but the rich, Obama the great orator, Obama the one who brings hope to the people, Obama will make every thing good again simply by the power of his amazing biography and oratory. And those who dared tell the truth about Barack Obama were labeled haters and racists. [Nothing Barack Obama was portrayed to be by the communist media was true--there is now a greater racial division, greater political strife, the economy is even more of a wreck than under G.W. Bush and taxes are set to be much higher for everyone, the image of America abroad is now worse than pre Obama, he has none of the right answers, his communistic policies have taken away hope for good change, he never was a great orator--just a good teleprompter reader and his biography has no power to amaze--no power to do anything good, foreign leaders do not swoon at his presence like the American media--in fact they see him as he is--weak and pathetic!] And let's not forget Barack Obama is anti Israel and has worked much like G.W. Bush to undermine the sovereignty and security of the Jewish people in Israel--and this after having stood before Jews at an AIPAC meeting in 2008 proclaiming his great support for Israel. Unfortunately many in the so called progressive media and politicians have long thought that Negros are completely incompetent and need whitey to look after them as if they were all children, or feeble minded; so they for the most part refuse to hold Negros publicly responsible for their wrong doings--often no matter how evil they may be. And now they are doing the same with homosexuals and Muslims--covering up their extreme evil and labeling those who tell the truth as haters, racists and intolerant. A look at progressivism in the United States of America and elsewhere shows--that it is those who are the so called progressives who are the haters, racists and very intolerant; their policies have ruined the inner cities, have impoverished mostly Negros here in America and have increased the crime rates where its mainly progressives who dominate the political hierarchy! [Note--progressivism is truly regressivism--they are moving backwards not forwards!] And the main purveyors of this UnAmerican evil are Jewish intellectuals and their stooges, e.g., The Anti Defamation League--how pathetic these immoral Jewish fools are to work to undermine the very foundations that have made The United States of America the greatest free nation in the history of the world; the nation where Jews have been the safest to live their lives without suffering extreme persecution for just being Jews. Readers should read "Why Jews Are Liberals", by Norman Podhoretz--its very enlightening! Also Books by David Horowitz, a former 1960's communist, now a conservative. As for the whorish media support of B.O. I knew before he was elected that they and many of his initial supporters would turn on him--and so they are. My question to those who now are seeing the truth about Barack Obama, why didn't you take the time and responsibility to look for yourself and see what kind of man he truly was--instead of listening to the lying whores on CNN, MSNBC, network TV and those of the same ilk on the Internet? I remember the time I first heard Barack Obama speak in Mid 2007, I just heard a small part of a campaign speech and I thought, "wow--I like this guy"! Since I didn't know about him, I set out to learn the facts--and I quickly realized the Barack Obama is a communist, UnAmerican in every way, a liar, a thief, a man who wanted to undermine everything which has made America great--a profoundly evil human being; a man who could never be trusted to do what is right for America. I also realized that he was very much the typical American politician with one exception--he is much more radical--so nothing Barack Obama ever does surprises me! And because I took personal responsibility--I saw it all before he was elected! It was all there for all to see, in his personal writings, in his speeches, in his associations, his voting record and in his other actions! Foolish people who continually dehumanize celebrities and see them without flaw will continue to pay the price for their foolishness. Yes Barack Hussein Obama is nothing more than a man--and when he goes to the toilet--it stinks too! How's that hope and change working out for you now? mm mm mm

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