Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Military And The First Amendment

Regarding General Mcchrystal and others who would speak up about the president, there is a belief even amongst some so called conservatives, et alia,  that military personnel, in particular high ranking personnel do not have the right to the First Amendment--this belief of course is wrong. Any citizen of The United States of America including high ranking military personnel--has the right to criticize the president--when the president is acting contrary to The United States Constitution--which Barack Hussein Obama has blatantly done from the beginning and is blatantly doing on a daily basis! As for The Rolling Stone interview with General Mcchrystal--General Mcchrystal never said anything against de facto president Obama! Its interesting how the communist minded media whores--the very whores who made it possible for Barack Hussein Obama to be unconstitutionally elected--were so happy and extolled those military personnel who spoke up about G.W. Bush--and now when military personnel [presumably General Mcchrystal] speak up about Barack Hussein Obama--they are aghast and want him to resign or to be fired. It would be good for the communist minded media whores to actually read the articles before they comment upon them! These media whores still cover for Barack Hussein Obama and refuse to hold him accountable for his actions--even though he has lied about getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan and has deliberately made a mess out of nearly everything he has done as the de facto president. How's that hope and change working out for you whores now? hmm?  mm mm mm...

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