Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Brief Note On Chris Christie

Governor Chris Christie is being lauded as a conservative--too bad he is not! Chris Christie's partial fiscal conservatism does not make him a conservative. I say partial in part because he is not going far enough in cutting the fat and he is using sixty five billion dollars of the states "cap and trade" scheme [Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative] to balance the budget. Chris Christie said of 2011, "Next year, we plan on getting back to RGGI." Carbon is not a poison--its a scam--"cap and trade" is Soviet style communism! Chris Christie is no conservative--no true conservative would be a supporter of "cap and trade"--if he were a conservative he would be doing away with the state's "cap and trade" scheme to steal tax dollars away from the NJ state residents. Chris Christie also supports the progressives [communists] Mike Castle and Meg Whitman. Chris Christie is also like the above two communists he supports, no true supporter of the second amendment--Chris Christie is a progressive communist whore.

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The American Crisis said...

A whore does not necessarily refer to sexual immorality. It is often used to refer to those who do things in excess--like politicians who go whoring after UnAmerican things like the cap and trade scheme--which is based upon a lie.