Friday, July 1, 2011

Mark Halperin--Yes Its True Obama Is A Dick!

Mark Halperin on MSNBC, "I wanted to characterize how I thought the president behaved--I thought he was kind of a dick". And yes--Barack Hussein Obama--is in fact a dick. Mark Halperin's factual comment of course drew laughter. After all the lies about Barack Hussein Obama being so wonderful, many of which they at MSNBC manufactured and promoted--the truth is Barack Hussein Obama is in fact a total dick--dickhead at large! Of course all the media spin about Barack Hussein Obama being mister wonderful, mister perfect--all lies--all lies; for those [like this blog writer] who actually listened to what Barack Hussein Obama was saying and what he wanted and intended on doing as president, looked at his dismal voting record and looked at the Marxists who he surrounded himself with--it was easy to see that Barack Hussein Obama was the typical Marxist politician--hell bent upon destroying The United States of America--hell bent upon destroying the American middle class--which Marxists hate. This blog writer knew well before Barack Hussein Obama took office illegally--that he would do as he has--and I'm not the only one. The only way Barack Hussein Obama is different as a politician and what is historically relevant--is this, he is far more radical--and this in addition to his being half Negro is precisely why he was promoted by the American Marxist media whores and placed illegally into office. Barack Hussein Obama is a fine example of affirmative action, which typically places incompetent people into positions of authority based upon race or gender--where they run amuck; and the dirty little secret on this fact is--this is exactly what affirmative action, i.e., cultural Marxism was intended for--to weaken and destroy society and it has done just that! Barack Hussen Obama who incidentally is in no way legally qualified to be president, a fact this blog writer knew a year and a half before he was illegally elected; came to destroy and destroy he has--as this was his stated mission and goal from the outset and he has remained true to his mission and goal! And for all you damn fools and traitors who voted for the Marxist Barack Hussein Obama--how's that hope and change working out for you now? hmm? what's that? I can't hear you--all together now and sing it loud--Barack Hussein Obama mm mm mm...

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