Thursday, August 11, 2011

The American Media Now Wonders Why Obama Isn't

Its very interesting and very telling that many in the Marxist American media [literally Barack Obama's ministry of propaganda] are now wondering why Barack Obama isn't the great, strong, brilliant and decisive leader they made him out to be. Oh really? you arrogant lying Marxist whores and fools are now wondering why Barack Obama is not living up to all the lies you made up about him being super human--about him being the most wonderful person who ever walked the face of the Earth--all the lies about Barack Obama being the most intelligent, the most brilliant and the most capable political leader of all time. Of course Barack Obama is not living up to all these lies you made up about him and promoted ad nauseum to anyone who was ignorant, naive, and foolish enough to believe; and Barack Obama will never live up to the lies you promoted about him--never! And these evil people are now wondering why--why? because they are insane--they have given themselves over to the lie and now they cannot tell the difference between the truth and the lie! This psychopathology is a very common phenomenon among Marxists, very readily seen in these people, Al Gore, Michael Bloomberg, Nancy Pelosi, John McCain, Mitt Romney et alia. And these are the people and many others like them--the majority of the American people have allowed to and in many instances have chosen to govern over them. The majority of the American people--are UnAmerican fools and whores--and they are getting what they deserve for allowing the radical minority to have positions of power over them and everyone else--and at the same time for allowing these same evil people to destroy our once great nation. Our once great and good nation--The United States of America--will never be restored--it is at lease 92% destroyed now, a shell of what it once was--and the rest is soon to follow; because the majority of the American people have corrupted themselves with ignorance, immorality, entitlements and ecumenism--exactly as the Marxists planned it!

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