Saturday, November 17, 2012

General Petraeus "All In" Paula Broadwell

 General Petraeus is not a man of honor and integrity, nor was he a good general as has been spun in parts of the media--but rather he is a whorish adulterer who cheated on his wife and children and also on his whores husband and children--he deserves the title betraeus.

As for Paula Broadwell--this woman should never have been given any access to sensitive data. Paula Broadwell is not a trained author, among other reasons she probably devised this book scheme to get the generals erect penis "all in" her; Paula Broadwell is a whore and an adulterer--she has cheated on her husband and children and the generals wife and children.

Women like Paula Broadwell make whores out of themselves--because, among other reasons they have very low self esteem and are very insecure--this fits Paula Broadwell perfectly.

As for the whores who have been vainly attempting to defend the whore Paula Broadwell--there is no defense for Paula Broadwell's immoral behavior--nor is there any defense for the whore General Petraeus's immoral behavior.



Anonymous said...

Well written. Petraeus betrayed his family and disgraced his status as a retired four star general. He's lucky that he was not recalled to active duty to stand courtmartial for adultery. Even retired officers are expected to conduct themselves with dignity. As for whore Broadwell, she was not authorized to possess classified material and store it on her home computer. Her security clearance was suspended, and her promotion to Light Colonel in the reserves was revoked. Hopefully her clearance will be revoked, in which case Major Broadwell, USAR will become Civilian Broadwell. If that poor sap she is married to has any brains at all, he should hire a lawyer and sue his unfaithful old lady for divorce, and further sue her for custody of the kids. If Broadwell is kicked out of the reserves, she can write a book like ex-USAF Lieutenant and golden girl Kelly Flinn. And if Broadwell is really lucky, Hugh Hefner will offer her a few million bucks to pose in Playboy. And a mini series or reality series will also pop up, like the General's personal gun.

The American Crisis said...

Thank you for your comment--it was well written and I concur!

Anonymous said...

I thank you Sir, for the compliment. I served in the Regular Army from 83-85 and from 87-89. Medically (Honorably) discharged as a Sergeant/E5. I served in Field Artillery. Your blog is excellent.