Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Barack Obama Said...

January 14, 2013--Barack Obama said...


"if congressional Republicans refuse to pay Americas bills on time Social Security checks and veterans benefits will be delayed"

Once again Barack Obama the Marxist--is lying and its not the first time on this issue going back to August 2011.

Because once the debt service is payed from the monthly revenue--there is enough left over to pay Social Security and the military.

"what I will not do is to have that negotiation with a gun at the head of the American people"

Another lie--it is Barack Obama who does literally have a gun at the heads of the American people with his Marxist policies, everyone of his Marxist policies are enforced and forced upon the American people by the threat of government Gun violence!

"the issue here is whether or not America pays its bills"

No its not--The United States of America does pay it bills, it does pay its debt service--and the debt service will continue to be paid--unless Barack Obama stops paying it.

"we are not a deadbeat nation"

But Barack Obama is a deadbeat president, because of the way he runs up the national debt--which is now over six trillion dollars which Barack Obama has forced upon the American people; Barack Obama is spending money The United States of America does not have--to fund his evil Marxist policies and projects, all of which are failures for anything good.

"aaand, so, th there is a very simple solution to this, congress authorizes us, tooo pay our bills, now if if the house and the senate, want to give me the authority, so that they don't have ta take these tough votes, aum, if they want to put the responsibility on me to raise the debt ceiling, I'm happily to take it."

Congress does not have the legal authority to confer upon another branch of government its constitutional authority, in this case the executive branch and Barack Obama.


Anonymous said...

Obama is NOT hated by Real Americans….

So, I suppose no one here remembers George W’s political ads featuring clips from 9/11?

Gun toters used children for Target practice and you blame the President for doing everything in his power to gain support (not from you, obviously). These “idiot parents” are trying to save their children. What have you done for that cause except argue vulgarly for unrestrained gun usage. You make no sense.

Obama a coward? No. I say the cowards are those who hold their rights so absolutist that they can not or will not consider the well-being of others. It is not only a cowardly philosophy of life it is selfish, self-centered and self-serving. In the end it should leave a bad taste in the mouths of those who believe in reason and moderation.

Anyone who calls Obama a scum, a coward, or a POS is a scumbag racist! lowlife is calling the president Obama Hitler.

let me know when he kills 11 million people. then we’ll talk. calling him Hitler is offensive to anyone who had family who was affected by the real Hitler And disgusting!

I’ve been saying this since Barack Obama became President! Anyone who hates Barack Obama are racist. They hate him because he’s black!

He isn’t a fraud
He isn’t a traitor
He isn’t a dictator, if he was it wouldn’t matter what Congress does. Perhaps you don’t know what the term dictator means.

The President was born in Hawaii so is not illegal
The President loves America. Where else could someone with his background can become President
There is no evidence of voter fraud. Obama won FAIR AND SQUARE!

Narcissism is not an impeachable offense so even if the President is a narcissist that isn’t impeachable.

He is not mentally ill.
He is NOT evil, in fact I think his is good at heart.

You mean the President released the name of a CIA Agent endangering the lives of many US contacts around the world? Oh, excuse me, that was the Bush administration
The President was born in Hawaii which makes him an American
The Presidents Cabinet is full of white men. He doesn’t hate White people
You have no idea what the word usurper means do you? He won two elections for President
The President is rebuilding America and the economy following the neglect and incompetence of President Bush, Not destroying it!
You obviously have no idea what Marxism and Communism means since the President isn’t even close to either of those.
The President isn’t a liar. But even if he was that is not a high crime or misdemeanor required to rise to an impeachable offense.
The President is coming after the assault weapons and high capacity magazines. State laws can’t work when all the criminal has to do is going to a neighboring state with weaker laws and pick up one at a gun show without any background check.
Federal laws are needed. And no one is going to take your hand gun.

He is a Christian, NOT a Muslim!

the GOP, known by almost all Americans as either the “Party of NO” or alternatively, as the “Party of Stupid” gets a pass for the divisiveness that they’ve poisoned the process, is that right?

This is another case of blaming Obama for the damages YOU racist righties caused! you’re partially correct; he is the most hated man ever….by racists, bigots, most southerners, the KKK, and all the right-wing nuts out there, including you. But he is liked and respected by a whole lot more people. In fact, although he won 53% of the popular vote, the latest Gallup poll shows that his approval is at 58%! He is hated because he is black!

the continuous attempt by the white far-right in Congress to shut down the government rather than work with our black president has a lot to do with racism.

The election of a black President not just once but twice and resoundingly the second time has unhinged many on the far right.

The American Crisis said...

You are an ignorant fool who cannot understand simple logic and facts--even worse you do not want to know and understand the truth.

Actually Barack Obama is very much hated among a minority of Americans--and largely disliked among most Americans.

I the blog author do not hate Barack Obama--but rather I disapprove of his Marxist policies.

Bringing up G.W. Bush is off topic--he is also an evil man and was a terrible president!

I have used no vulgarity in describing Barack Obama and his evil Marxist policies.

The anti second amendment people you wrote about in relation to Sandy Hook about are a small minority of Americans being stirred up by foolish emotionalism and by those like Michael Bloomberg.

They are not genuinely trying to save their children--but rather they are working to further Marxist democrat policies which have been proven to increase crime. Joe Biden and others have even said--that the anti gun bills they want to force on the American people--would do nothing to prevent another Sandy Hook.

Saving children is not what the Marxist democrats are interested in--but rather they want total control over every citizen--so they can more effectively repress them.

If Barack Obama truly wanted to save children--then he would stop the funding of abortion and work to outlaw abortions. He's a hypocrite.

The Marxist democrat party has murdered more than 55 million Americans since 1973 and has funded the murders of millions more murders throughout the world; as state senator Barack Obama himself voted three times in favor of the murder of the unborn--even those who were born alive. As de facto president, he is a funder and promoter of abortion not only in America--but in much of the rest of the world--he has the blood of many on his hands.

With the Hitler reference you are again off topic--but the similarities are striking.

Barack Obama is a coward.

The God given right to bear arms for ones self defense which is constitutionally insured in the second amendment--does not cause crime, nor did it cause the murders at Sandy Hook. If Sandy Hook would have had well trained and armed staff--and this was publicly known--the Sandy Hook murders would never have happened!

Such crimes usually only happen in 'gun free' zones--which are not gun free for criminals.

You are a fool--Barack Obama wants to take all guns away from private citizens--he has said he did not think people should be 'allowed' to own them. He and the Marxist democrat party are doing everything they can do to destroy the second amendment--and they have repeatedly said so.

The guns you refer to as assault weapons--are not assault guns {there is no such thing. Assault is a human action, not an inanimate object.}--but rather they are semi automatic rifles commonly used in America for many decades for hunting, plinking and self defense--they historically account for approximately .6% of crime.

When guns are purchased at gun shows--everyone has to go through an FBI NICS check--just the same as at their local gun shop; there is no gun show loophole--this is a private sale.

Private sales which take place away from a show or shop--are private and do not typically account for a lot of crime.

The American Crisis said...

Disagreeing with the Marxist policies and the Marxist philosophy of Barack Obama--has nothing to do with his being half Negro. The racism claim by fools such as yourself--is commonly used by Marxists and their useful idiots {like yourself} to silence their opposition--and they do this because they cannot win against the factual truth!

The majority of Americans who are opposed to Barack Obama do not hate him--but rather they dislike his Marxist policies which are bringing ruination upon America.

Barack Obama is a fraud--much of his public persona was created for him by his handlers and the media--most of his history has been sealed by executive order and by a complicit media--no other president has done this--he is hiding who and what he truly is.

Barack Obama is not a 'black man'--but rather he is half Negro! One cannot truthfully hold to his Negro half and deny the white half as if does not exist--Barack Obama is half Negro and half white--not one or the other, but equally both!

Barack Obama is a traitor--he does everything in his power to undermine the law of the land--the US Constitution!

He is a little dictator--and would be completely so if he could get away with it.

Factually it is not known for sure where Barack Obama was born--the Hawaiian birth certificate has been repeatedly proven a fraud.

Barack Obama has repeatedly proven he hates the American people and the American nation.

There is widespread evidence and proof of voter fraud--Barack Obama did not win 'fair and square' either time--he is unconstitutionally unqualified to be president.

Narcissism is a mental illness--mental illness is an impeachable issue.

Barack Obama is profoundly evil--you do not know the meaning of a good heart.

Barack Obama owns everything he is doing--he cannot blame G.W. Bush.

G.W. Bush is to blame for his actions--and Barack Obama is to blame for his.

Notwithstanding an administration run largely by white people--Barack Obama not only hates white people--but also people of every other race--Barack Obama is a sociopath. The Marxist democrat party is sociopathic at its core

Barack Obama is not rebuilding the economy--the economy is far worse now than when he came into office; it is his desire to destroy the economy and American liberty and he is doing it!

It is you being an ignorant fool, who obviously has no idea of what Marxism and communism is--Barack Obama and his administration fit the definition exactly!

Barack Obama is a pathological liar--he lies every time he opens his mouth. Even more than G.W. Bush did.

Barack Obama is not a Christian--no one can promote open homosexuality and the mass murder of abortion and be a Christian!

Barack Obama is if not in practice, then in spirit a Muslim--and he is considered a Muslim by Muslims the world over--and he always sides with Muslims--and never sides with Christians!

In fact the Obama administration is actively acting against Christians--while at the same time actively promoting Islam and Muslims!

The GOP has largely been taken over by RINOS--which are Marxist democrats in the guise of Republican, e.g., John McCain, Mitt Romney and Karl Rove, et al.

It is the Marxist democrat party including their RINOS who are truthfully known as the party of stupid.

I the blog author do not give any politician who is wrong a 'pass'.

Barack Obama fraudulently 'won' in 2008 with less than 53% popular vote.

Barack Obama does not have a 58% approval rating--as the majority of Americans do not approve of him or his Marxist policies.

You are an ignorant fool--you use the talking points of the Marxist media whores--your lack of understanding is striking--next time come at me with your own thoughts.