Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Line In The Sand--American Guns And Liberty!

 There are many gun laws already on the books and all crimes with guns are already illegal and most have been for the better part of a hundred years; some federal lawmakers have already admitted the new laws being proposed would not have stopped the Sandy Hook incident; and every new gun law they are proposing addresses things which are not criminal--they are an infringement on things which are legal--these laws attack innocent people--not the criminals.

This isn't just a federal issue, with federal laws and proposed federal laws--it is also a state and local issue--with laws being proposed and enacted there--often times unconstitutionally and at times in violation of existing state law[s].

This is the message every good American should and needs to be giving to their local, state and federal leaders!

No new gun bans.

No universal background checks.

No national registration of gun owners.

No magazine size restrictions.

No ammunition bans, no restrictions of ammunition, no background checks for ammunition purchases, no registration of those who purchase ammunition, no ban or limitations of online ammunition purchases.

Do not add any more gun[s] to the NFA--subject to an NFA tax and registration.

No bans on superficial non functional gun accessories, e.g., pistol grips, barrel shrouds, threaded barrels, bayonet lugs, folding and telescoping stocks and sights.

Do not vote for any form of gun control--I will remember--I will vote according to this issue!

Remember 1994--and on the basis of the gun vote--the American people changed congress--and they will again if necessary.

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