Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Marxists like Andrew Coumo almost always name their legislation the opposite of what it truly is--in this case the so called but not, "NY SAFE Act"--which is in reality the NY UNSAFE Act; as it works to make New Yorkers more unsafe--does nothing to deal with criminals--but rather it criminalizes honest citizens!

According to Governor Andrew Cuomo, child pornography, stealing children, rape in the 3rd degree, criminally negligent homicide and choking someone--are lesser offenses than owning a standard capacity magazine.

Possession of, e.g., a standard capacity 13-round magazine for a 9mm SIG Sauer P229 or any magazines holding more than 11 rounds is and will be a class D violent felony, even for owners who possessed standard capacity magazines prior to September 1994 when possession was grandfathered.

Listed below are a few crimes in New York that are class E felonies and A misdemeanors which are one or two arrest levels below a class D felony.

Luring a child.

Criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation.

Criminally negligent homicide.

Rape 3rd degree.

Criminal sexual act 3rd degree.

Persistent sexual abuse.

Substitution of children.

Unlawful imprisonment 1st degree.

Female genital mutilation.

Possessing a sexual performance by a child, i.e., child pornography.

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