Monday, July 28, 2008

Global Warming Part One

Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth"--should be entitled "An Inconvenient Lie", because the so called science behind it is what is often known as junk, or pseudo science. The scenes of melting ice bergs in his movie were taken from the movie, "The Day After Tomorrow"--those scenes were computer generated. And let's not forget that they got it right in "The Day After Tomorrow", a warming period preceded an ice age! These fools who claim that man and increases in CO2 are the cause for global warming don't have a good answer for the fact that all the planets in our solar system have been heating up as well, yes and there is no man made industrialization and CO2 increases there--but it is in all truth the sun which is heating up those planets. And the sun also plays an important role to the recent heating trend on planet Earth; but that cycle has past and the Earth is getting cooler now. In all truth there have been many cycles of global warming and cooling on planet Earth prior to the year 1900 and those weren't caused by man made CO2 and industrialization. Man and CO2 are not the cause of global warming, or of climate change on planet Earth--climate change is a long established natural Earth cycle! In fact so called global warming would be accurately described as ocean warming--which actually leads to cooling trends in the Earth's climate--and that is exactly what is happening. So much in fact that the global warming fools have changed it to climate change so they can have it both ways. The Earth is past the warming of the 1990's and again is in a cooling cycle, a recent report from Germany states that the Earth is cooling and will do so for about 20 years. They are obviously right about the cooling--but they have no scientific basis to claim 20 years of cooling and then more warming--its just that they are a part of this cabal of GW fascists and this is their attempt at explaining away the fact of global cooling. This same fascist cabal put forth their doom and gloom of a coming ice age back in the seventies. How many people actually know this fact, very few because most people are led like sheep--they think what they are told to think on CNN and FOX et alia--how pathetic. From a scientific perspective these fascists should have stuck with the coming ice age because that is factual! Ice age doesn't mean everything is covered in ice--the last ice age the USA went through was known as the little ice age, it began around the year 1300 the coldest part being between the years 1650-1850. there certainly was an increase in ice but the USA wasn't covered over in ice as parts of it was during the great ice ages. So much Media attention is spent on indoctrinating the people with this mantra of GW; in addition the schools are also indoctrinating the students especially the younger ones into this religion of planet worship and GW--because they know if they can deceive the young ones into believing this evil nonsense it will be easier for them to continue with their fascist plans of global repression. If they can convince people into believing they are saving the planet from man made climate change--then it makes if very easy for the fascists to convince the people that they must give up their property rights and most of the liberties they as Americans have known--because its all to save the planet and the animals--when in reality its all about global repression,domination and population reduction. These fascists don't have these issues with most of the worlds people because most people have never known liberty, even Europeans have not known the level of personal liberty, property rights etcetera as Americans. Therefore most of the efforts of the fascists are directed against The United State's of America. How interesting it is when such things as these fascist conspiracies are spoken or written about, many people will look at the person in this case me as if they had a D**k growing out of there head! But everything I write about here I can substantiate with the words, the writings and the laws of the principles--and the laws they have drafted and gotten signed into law--the Anti American laws of repression. I'll digress here briefly and remind the readers that many things throughout human history those, who knew the truth were ridiculed, harassed and some times even murdered for the truth they spoke and wrote about. e.g. The Earth is flat--those who spoke the truth were harassed and some murdered! The Earth is the center of the universe, those who objected were harassed and some murdered! The Salem witch trials those who objected and tried to defend the accused were harassed and often accused of witchcraft themselves--and many murdered. The point of these examples is that even though many and in some cases the majority of people believe that something is true doesn't make it so. And many people are still believing erroneous things today even in The United States of America--things that are clearly wrong, things that are just as ridiculous as the flat Earth theory.

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