Saturday, July 26, 2008

On Taxation...

Taxes while unconstitutional--are necessary for The United States of America; but the manner in which taxation is handled here in America is Un-American! But proper taxation is key, the current system of taxation in America is a corrupt pathetic mess and can never be corrected within itself. Its interesting how, no matter how much money politicians steal from the American people--they still want more, such greed, such incompetence--and very often deliberate malfeasance at all levels of government. In short the idea of a consumption tax would be a very bad thing for America--and could easily ruin the economy even more than it is already ruined; in the future I expect to see a consumption tax implemented at least in some form here in America. The best way to manage this undesirable issue of taxation here in America is to use an across the board flat income tax rate regardless of income. The rate of taxation and total tax burden being 10% federal and 5% state with the same plan used for business, with an additional 5% of state tax being distributed among the municipalities. This would mean getting rid of the Un-American and fascist Federal Reserve--a private corporation that has always operated at the expense of the American people! With no taxation on personal (home) real estate including surrounding lands, no taxation on food and drugs, no taxation for fuel for personal and business use. This would mean cutting out all fat within government and concentrating on the basics--that being a limited government as envisioned by the founders of The United States of America. A government not of entitlements and irresponsibility--but of appropriate basic necessity. And yes with fiduciary responsibility--the rate of taxation proposed herein--would be more than enough! In fact getting back to basics with low taxes and limited government would yield a richer United Satates of America--and a much happier American people.

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