Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Obama Osama Bin Laden Dead Or Alive?

When I first heard the news--I did not consider it a big deal--gee I wonder why? Considering Barack Obama and the current administration which lies even more than the previous administration and G.W. Bush--I have no idea whether Osama Bin Laden is truly dead--I certainly hope he is--but I cannot in good conscience take Barack Obama's word for it, or the word of anyone in his administration, or of those in the Marxist media. Barack Obama and all those in his inner circle have proven themselves to be lying whores. If they were truly serious about offering proof, they would have saved the body for at least two independent civilian American forensic examinations, issued a complete set of photos and the complete lab reports and made the entire process very transparent--as usual Barack Obama and his administration are anything but transparent, [even after Barack Obama promised he would be] they have hidden the facts and the proof of whether Osama Bin Laden is either dead or alive. I am struck by those who realize that Barack Obama and his administration are consumate lyers as well as the lying Marxist media whores who prop up Barack Obama--but nevertheless are SO willing to believe Barack Obama and the Marxist media with little or no supporting evidence! As usual the narcissist Barack Obama has taken most of the credit for himself--what a pathetic loser. [Barack Obama is in the position he is in as president due largely to affirmative action, i.e., cultural Marxism--which typically places incompetent losers in positions of authority]. Oh yes and for those who like to minimize the legitimate concerns of the American people--this is not conspiracy theory--I am simply stating the facts, that neither Barack Obama nor his administration or the Marxist media with their voluminous history of lies can be trusted.

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