Sunday, April 24, 2011

Barack Obama And Tax Day

Barack Obama has repeatedly said he believes rich people should be paying much more in taxes. Barack Obama is a rich man, a millionaire in fact, he paid approximately 27% [all legal] in taxes this year--the average top rate is approximately 35%--if he is truly serious [and he is with other peoples money] then he would be paying at least the 35% tax rate--in fact if he were not completely disingenuous on this issue he would be paying the top tax rate and then making a sizable donation [at least a 45% tax rate] to the government through the IRS. But he is not honest--Barack Obama is the consumate communist ruler--they believe they and their buddies in the communist ruling class are entitled to keep their wealth, e.g., General Electric--but everyone else is not--everyone else must pay and pay and pay, i.e., everyone else has to be stolen from by the government. Barack Obama being the typical communist political ruler he is--is a liar, a thief and a mass murderer! As for the 53% < > of the voting American people--you were all a pathetic disgrace for voting for this evil man; as for those who still support Barack Obama--you are UnAmerican disgusting whores--and you deserve the evil and ruin which Barack Obama is bringing upon you!

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