Friday, March 16, 2012

Adam Eugene Cox--Dickhead!

Adam Eugen Cox of Knoxville, TN--a fanatical supporter of Barack Obama sent death threats to Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his family because the sheriff is properly investigating Barack Obama's eligibility to be president.

 Like the ignorant fool he is, Adam Eugene Cox threatened to put a thousand bullets into the body of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Anyone who would fanatically support the Marxist Barack Obama is a damn fool and a whore--as the policies of Barack Obama have brought great ruination upon the American people--as they were intended from the beginning!

Adam Eugene Cox would accurately be described as a "dickhead"!

Interesting how the Marxist left usually ascribes radical murderous thoughts and actions to those who are conservative; but that's an oxymoron, genuinely conservative people do not engage in such foolishness and evil--its for the most those who are part of the Marxist democrat left who engage in such foolishness and evil.

Also interesting, the Marxist media, i.e., Barack Obama's ministry of propaganda has almost nothing to say or write about Adam Eugene Cox--and this is because they are in agreement with him, but they cannot come out and voice agreement, so they agree with their silence.

Adam Eugene Cox--is the face of the Marxist democrat party!

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