Thursday, April 21, 2011

Obama Said What?

APRIL 19, 2011 Barack Obama said, "I want to host the breakfast for a simple reason, because as busy as we are, as many tasks as pile up during this season, eh, we are reminded that there is something about the resurrection, something about the resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ that puts everything else into perspective". And what would that be Mr. de facto president? Barack Obama is a lying whore--this fool lies much more than G.W. Bush ever did--Barack Obama is not a Christian--he was just pandering for votes, as he is back on the campaign trail! The measure of a true Christian is not a person who constantly lies, steals, cheats, obfuscates, disregards the law of the land, i.e., The United States Constitution, redistributes wealth, i.e., steals and promotes the genocidal mass murder of abortion, et cetera. [1 John 1:6] There is just something about Barack Hussein Obama--the insane mass murderer in chief--and that something would be--he is a narcissistic, Godless, Marxist whore! All together now and sing it loud, Barack Hussein Obama mm mm mm...

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